Utility that can Permanently Erase DATA from Hard Drive

Do you know that even when you empty your OS’s Recycle Bin, it don’t erase Data from your computer’s Hard Disk Drive (HDD)! Your data still resides on the drive and can be easily accessed/retrieved later by various available Data Recovery Programs. If you are going to sell or dispose your desktop or laptop soon OR you would like to completely wipe(…)

Want to Buy DTH Connection? Buy it from Amazon India

Update: Originally I wrote this post about purchasing Tata Sky online for cheap on Amazon India. However on amazon.in, you will also be able to purchase Dish TV, AirTel Digital TV, Videocon d2h and certain other DTH connections lower than the market price.

Force Google to Crawl & Index pages of your Website

The crawling frequency of Google varies from site to site. However if you’d like to force Google to Crawl (or re-crawl) and index (or re-index) a particular page or pages of your website or blog almost instantly, then let’s check out in this post how to do so?

Prevent Search Engines from Caching your Website

Have you noticed the Cached/Cached Page link in search result pages of Google (example) and Bing (example) when you look for your site’s indexed pages in these search engines? Search engines generally takes a snapshot of almost all accessible pages of your website and stores them in their cache as a backup copy.

How to Enlarge & Download Instagram Photos?

Just like Facebook, Twitter and Google+, it’s very easy to enlarge and download Instagram photos onto your computer’s hard drive. Follow these steps in order to do so: Note: Using below mentioned technique you will be able to download certain images in their original size (resolution in which the uploader originally uploaded the image from his/her mobile device).

How to Enlarge Images that are hosted on Google+?

If you are a regular user of social networking website Google+, then from time to time you must have come across images in your or someone else’s timeline that you want to download onto your computer’s hard drive in higher resolution. Just like Facebook and Twitter, it’s very easy to enlarge images that are hosted on Google(…)

How to enable snowfall effect on WordPress Blogs?

If you have visited DailyTechTuts.com in past few days, then you might have noticed snow flakes falling all over this blog! Check out following video to see the snowfall effect in action: Why this was done?: This is the month of December and winter season can be experienced in almost all parts of the world. Some(…)