TATA Photon Plus CDMA Prepaid Review – Is it worth Buying?

Tata Photon+, a high speed CDMA USB device for mobile internet, allows you to remain connected to the World Wide Web, especially when your are on the move (travelling)!

Recently I bought this device and my experience with it was quite good. I can even say that the connectivity and speed of photon plus is way better then Reliance Netconnect, Idea Netsetter, AirTel etc. Let’s check out in this post a short review about the device and the service.

Package content

The package consists of following:

  • 1 CDMA1X HSIA USB Stick, manufactured by HUAWEI.
  • Pouch for carrying the device.
  • USB extension cable.
  • User Manual.

The device have one year of national warranty and is capable of supporting a memory card (microSD) up to 4 GB.

Note: Although the build quality of the stick is very good, but it gets quite hot when you use it for too long OR when you run a Torrent client for downloading/uploading files. Heat doesn’t affect speed/performance, but it may ruin your device in future. If your device is getting too hot, then disconnect it from your computer and allow it to cool off naturally.

Setting up Photon+ with your Computer

Setting up your device with your computer is very easy. All you need to do is to connect your device with your computer’s USB port and AutoRun will be executed. The set up will install modem drivers in a matter of a few minutes and you will start seeing photon plus control panel, which will show you following things:

user interface

  • Network strength.
  • Settings for configuring the device.
  • Speedometer.
  • Logs – For checking your usage (amount of downloaded and uploaded data).


The settings for configuring the device is generally provided at the time of purchase. But, if you haven’t got the settings or don’t know how to configure your device, then it is highly recommended to contact customer care or the dealer. They may ask you some details like Shop name and location, bill number, device model and number, photon number etc.


Photon plus is bit costly when compared to similar CDMA devices, but has better connectivity and speed. I will highly suggest you to go for photon plus, if you are a frequent traveller.

I got the whole package for 1800 INR, which also included 5 GB of free data transfer for one month. Keep in mind, the price and data offer may vary from one Indian state/city to another.

You are required to submit your address proof, passport size photograph and photo identity card like your PAN card, driving licence, Aadhaar card, voter ID card etc. at the time of purchase. If you don’t provide these documents to the dealer, then your device will not be activated OR it may get de-activated after sometime.

Connectivity and Speed

Whenever you click on the Connect button, the device will get connected to the network almost instantly. Occasionally, it takes around 1 minute to get connected!


Regarding speed, I’m getting download speed of 0.80 Mb per second during daytime and around 3.70 Mb per second at night. Due to network congestion at daytime, your speed may get reduced to 0.15 Mbps to 0.20 Mbps. This speed can be considered quite good for casual browsing, but not for downloading content from the web.

Whenever you connect the device with your computer, the connection will not break at all (provided that you have a decent network strength in your locality). But if you’re travelling in a very fast car or a train, then chances are very high that the connection will be interrupted. I have used this device in Chhindwara, Bhopal and New Delhi and am very satisfied with the network performance and speed.


Suppose you are in Madhya Pradesh and you want to go to Maharashtra for some urgent work, then your device will continue to function without any additional charge or recharge. Roaming on this device is absolutely free, but in small cities or villages you may get very low speed (around 150 Kbps).


When it comes to connectivity, speed, network performance and customer support, I will give this CDMA device 8 out of 10.

Important notes

  • Some people or shops are renting this device for a small monthly rent, but it’s highly recommended not to rent such products at all.
  • Don’t try to unlock your device by going to some random shop/person or by reading some guide on the web. You will ruin your device and void its warranty, if you don’t know what you are doing?
  • If you don’t want to recharge your device every month, then you can stop recharging it for the next 11 months. But after 11 months, your number will expire and you have to get a new number. This information was provided to me by a customer care executive, but you should also confirm this by calling customer care of your area.

Feel free to share your experience with TATA Photon+ in the comments section below.