Reliance Netconnect Plus CDMA Prepaid Review

Just like Photon, Reliance Netconnect+ is a USB device for mobile Internet, which works on CDMA network. Let’s check out in this post a short review about the device and its network.

reliance netconnect

Note: In this post we are reviewing a prepaid device, but this review can also be considered useful if you are using a postpaid connection.

Package content

The package consists of following things:

  • 1 ZTE-AC2737 USB stick.
  • Dialler CD for installing modem drivers. It also contains a soft copy of user guide.
  • One hard copy of user manual.
  • USB extension cable.
  • Warranty Card.

The build quality of the product is very good, but keep in mind if you are going to use this device for downloading heavy content from the internet using a download manager or a torrent client, then it will become very hot. In such a case, you need to disconnect the device from your computer’s USB port and allow it to cool off naturally. Heat doesn’t affect performance or speed, but it will ruin your device in future.

Setting up Reliance Netconnect Plus

When you first plug in the device into your computer’s USB port, AutoRun will be executed instantly. It will install the necessary modem drivers and you will start seeing following interface window:

reliance user interface

In this window you will see Network strength, Time, Activation, Connect, Connection logs, Settings and Help. A Disconnect button will also appear when you have successfully connected to the internet.

For setting up your device with the network, click on settings button and start entering following details:

reliance settings

1. Enter #777 in the phone’s field.

2. Username and password will be your 10 digit MDN number, which is generally present at the back of your package.

3. In mode you can select from Hybrid, Netconnect+ and High Speed 1x. The choice depends on the type of network present at your current location:

  • Under Hybrid mode (default mode of operation), your device will either work on Netconnect+ network or on High Speed 1x network. Your network will be automatically selected depending on your current location and network strength.
  • Under Netconnect+ mode, your device will always try to connect to a HSD network (with download speed up to 3.1 Mbps and upload speed up to 1.8 Mbps).
  • Under High Speed 1x mode, your device will always try to connect to a low speed CDMA network (with download speed up to 153.6 Kbps).

4. If you’d like to use Google Public DNS or OpenDNS as your default DNS server (instead of using Reliance’s), then you can enter the IP addresses in DNS and Alternate DNS fields.

5. You can set a static IP address for your connection and can also choose whether you want your device to automatically connect to the network, whenever you reboot your computer’s operating system (Windows or Mac OS X).

6. If you want your device to automatically re-connect to the network when there’s a connection drop, check Auto-Reconnect.

Click on Apply button to save all entered settings.


I bought this device for 1300 INR and at the time of purchase it doesn’t come with any free data transfer.

You are required to submit your address proof, passport size photograph and photo identity card like driving licence, pan card, aadhaar card, voter ID card etc. If you don’t submit these documents, then your device will not get activated or will be disabled after sometime.

Connectivity and Speed

Whenever you click on connect, the device will get connected to its network almost instantly. But occasionally, the device may take up to 45 seconds to get connected.

You will get great download speed at night because of less network traffic. I was able to get 2.47 Mbps as my maximum download speed:

speed night

During daytime, I was able to get download speed of 0.77 Mbps to 1.52 Mbps:



The connection with the network doesn’t break at all (provided that the network strength in your area is decent), but if you are moving in a very fast car, bus or a train, then the connection will break and you will have to reconnect your device.

I have used this device at Chhindwara, Bhopal, Kolkata and New Delhi, and I was quite satisfied with its network speed and performance.


Roaming throughout India is absolutely free with Netconnect. But keep in mind, you will only find High Speed 1x Network (153.6 Kbps) in most small cities and villages.

It is always recommended to enable hybrid mode, so that the device can automatically select the best network for you. You can also refer this page for a list of cities where HSD coverage is available.


Overall I will give Reliance Netconnect+ a score of 7 out of 10, when it comes to its network connectivity, speed and customer support. And, if you compare it with TATA photon plus, then the score will drop to 6 out of 10, as photon has better CDMA connectivity, speed and coverage. You can see the comparison here.

Important Notes:

  • If someone is renting this device to you, then do not rent such products in any case. You should always buy your own device from an authorised dealer and enjoy it whenever you want.
  • Do not try to unlock your device by going to some random shop or by reading some guide on the internet. You will ruin your device and void its warranty, if you’re not sure what you are doing?

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