Reliance Netconnect Plus vs. Tata Photon Plus

If you want to buy a USB stick for mobile internet that works on a CDMA network, then let’s check out in this post the download and upload speed of both Reliance Netconnect and Tata photon:

tata vs reliance

speed night

As you can see in above screenshot Photon offers better download speed than Netconnect, especially at night. If your city has HSD coverage of both Photon+ and Netconnect+, then I will highly suggest you to go with Photon.

The maximum download speed I was able to get with Photon was around 3.65 Mbps, while with Netconnect it never went above 2.50 Mbps.

I have used both of them in Bhopal, New Delhi and Calcutta, and photon always performed better when it comes to speed and connectivity.

Important notes:

1. Don’t jump to any conclusion by reading above comparison. You should personally take a demo of both USB dongles.

2. At daytime you may get slow download speed because of network congestion. This speed is good for casual surfing, but not for downloading content from the web.

3. Don’t try to unlock your device by going to some random shop or by reading some guide on the Internet, as otherwise you may ruin your device. Unlocking can’t convert your CDMA device to a 3G or a 4G device!

4. If you are moving in a fast car, bus or a train, then your connection will break and you will have to reconnect with the network.