SugarSync Daily Bandwidth and File Size Limitation

I am using SugarSync from past 1 year and the service can be considered as a very good alternative of Dropbox. Free Users gets 5 GB of storage space in their account, while Paid Users gets storage space ranging from 60 GB to 1000 GB (1000+ GB custom plans are also available by directly contacting the company), depending on the plan they choose.

But, is there any daily bandwidth and file size limit during download? I was able to gather following information from company’s blog:

File Size

For all users, there’s absolutely NO restriction on the size of file that you can download using the service. Earlier, the limit for Free Users was 25 MB and for Paid Users, it was 2 GB.


There is NO File Size Limitation, but there’s limitation on daily bandwidth for both Free and Paid Users. Free Users are restricted to 10 GB of bandwidth per day, while Paid users enjoys 250 GB of Bandwidth every day.

Recent changes:

1. Earlier recipients of shared files / public links were required to create a SugarSync account in order to download files. But now, they can directly download files without registration.

2. Whenever you create and share a public link of a file with someone, he will be able to see following details before actually starting the download:

sugarsync public sharing

  • Name of person / account holder who has shared the file publicly.
  • Name, Extension and Size of shared file.

Previously, these details were not shown and the download used to start instantly, which caused inconvenience to many people.

P.S. You can see public sharing in action by going to THIS Page – Video of Phattu, a super cute white rat, drinking water!