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Find a Facebook Profile, Page or a Group using an Image

You may have many JPEG images stored on your hard drive, whose file name consists of lots of numbers, underscores and generally ends with _n_o or _a:

file name of facebook image

Such type of images are generally posted on Facebook and let’s check out in this post how to find the original Facebook profile, page or group URL using the file name of these images?

Every image that is hosted on Facebook have its file name in following format:

1st numeric_2nd numeric_3rd numeric_n.jpg (Example:1973587_734220376610879_439124419_n.jpg)


1st numeric_2nd numeric_3rd numeric_o.jpg (Example:886167_10152060549495102_919257990_o.jpg)

The first and third numerics are randomly generated by Facebook server, while the second numeric is of importance! When you insert the second numeric just after the equal to sign in following URL: numeric (Example: AND

You should land on the Facebook page, profile or group in which the image was originally uploaded/posted:

profile timeline photo

page timeline photo

You can see above method in action in following video:

Important notes:

1. The image must be shared publicly (should have its display privacy as Public). If it’s shared with limited number of people (like with friends only) or if a page/group is private, then you will see following error in your browser:

this content is currently unavailable

This content is currently unavailable: The page you requested cannot be displayed right now. It may be temporarily unavailable, the link you clicked on may have expired, or you may not have permission to view this page.

If you see above error, then there’s NO way to determine the original account! Sorry!

2. If you find a Facebook photo which have more than 3 numerics in it, then try using the 3rd or the 4th one.

3. No matter what, you should respect privacy of other people and groups.