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How to Download Facebook Photos in Original Resolution?

If you’d like to access or download a Facebook photo in its original resolution (the size in which the uploader uploaded the photograph from his computer or mobile device), then let’s check out in this post how to do so?

UPDATE 3 [IMPORTANT & WORKING]: Check out this video to see How to Enlarge ANY Facebook Photo by Entering Full Screen Mode?

Update 2: All Facebook photos are resized to a maximum of 2048px OR 960px when “high quality” is not selected – Thanks to “Rui Pinheiro” for pointing this out in the comments section below.

Update 1: Facebook has recently tweaked its MENU options as well as Image URL. Because of this the tricks that are mentioned in this post may not work for ALL images. Most of the time you will get Content Not Found error! However I still have a solution for you all!

In case you are unable to view Download Hyperlink for a particular image or you are only seeing a blank page instead of a photo when you open it in a new tab, then you need to Open Photo Viewer for that image and click on Enter Full screen (See the Trick in action in THIS VIDEO):

enter fullscreen

Your image will now reload in Full screen mode. Now right click anywhere on the image and then click on Open Image in New Tab:

open image in new tab

The image may get loaded with higher resolution in the newly opened tab.

Note: If you are using FireFox web browser, then you need to first copy the image URL in photo viewer mode (aka Facebook’s theater mode) and then paste the copied URL in a new tab.

Use the Download Hyperlink

There is a Download hyperlink just below every photo hosted on Facebook:


Or it is present in the Options Menu, if you are logged in and viewing the photo in Photo viewer:

photo viewer download

When you click on it, the photo will get downloaded onto your computer’s hard drive in its original resolution.

If you don’t want to download the photo, but want to access it in your browser only, then right click on the hyperlink and select Copy Link address (for Chrome) OR Copy link location (for Firefox):

copy link address

This will copy the download link into your clipboard. Open a new tab and paste the download link in the URL bar and remove ?dl=1 present at the end of the URL:


This should open the photo in high quality.

Open image in new tab

There are lots of people who save photos from a website by first Right clicking on them and then they select Save image as OR they first open the photo in a new tab and then save it:

open image in new tab

If you try to do this on Facebook, then Facebook will resize the photo and you will have to remove its resize value from the URL.

For example, this photo of resolution 2048×1536 was resized to 720×540 in my browser. But, when I remove p180x540 from the URL, I can access it in its original size:

resize value

Important Notes:

1. The resize value is different for different Facebook photos. For example, the resize value of this photo (720×405) is s720x720 and when you remove it, the resolution becomes 1280×720.

2. You can see above trick in action in following video:

3. The trick works with all Facebook profile, page and group photos.

4. No matter what, you should respect privacy of other people and groups.

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How do we know about knowing the details of photo like what she/he use model phone camera to captured photos, the original file size of photo that we download fron facebook ?

This post is wrong! Unfortunately Facebook doesn’t store the original photo. All are resized to a maximum of 2048px (or 960px when “high quality” is not selected).

I have pictures posted back in 2009 and 2010. Is there any trick to download them in higher resolution? Thanks so much.

On iOS go to settings then Photos And Videos then Upload HD under Photos section.

I think Facebook has changed something and the images now include a hash and timestamp. Just removing the resolution gives an error: URL signature mismatch.

I’m trying to figure out if there’s a way to view larger images when using, the non-Javascript version. It’s generally much more pleasant, but it reduces images to 320 pixels or so.

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