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From where to Buy Genuine & Cheap Games in India Online?

If you are from India and want to purchase genuine but cheap gaming titles for your PC, Mac, PlayStation (3 and 4) and Xbox (One and 360), then consider purchasing them from following stores:

Green Man Gaming (Requires Credit Card or PayPal)

I am not a gamer, but I occasionally purchase PC games from GMG, as it’s my personal favorite website. The website offers huge discounts on many popular gaming titles and you will not find a better deal like this anywhere on the web!

green man gaming

To give you a solid proof, few months ago I purchased The Elder Scrolls V: Skyrim (not legendary edition) activation key for $28.14 using a limited time discount voucher. At that time, NO other website on the internet was offering the game this cheap!:

the elder scrolls v skyrim

If you are a gamer, then I will highly suggest you to follow GMG on Facebook and Twitter for discount vouchers and offers. If possible, create an account there, as they also send offers via Email.

Important Note: On GMG, some titles can only be downloaded and played using their game client known as Capsule. If you are going to purchase from this site, read the description very carefully. For certain games, you will only get an activation key, which you are required to activate somewhere else like on Steam or on the official developer’s site.

Steam (Requires Credit Card, PayPal etc.)

Steam is one of the biggest store on the web for gamers using Windows, Mac and Linux OS. The store offers huge discounts on popular gaming titles on special occasions like Christmas, New Year etc.

On this website, you will not find great deals on major titles throughout the year, but as soon as you land on the Homepage, check the sidebar banners and specials tab, and you may see your favorite game available at a discounted price:

steam offers

Keep in mind, once you purchase a game from steam, you are required to download and install their client for playing it. The client can automatically take care of any future game updates and patches.

eBay India (Supports Credit / Debit Cards, Net banking and Cash on Delivery)

Some sellers on offers good price on games meant for PC, Mac, PlayStation and Xbox. On top of that, eBay also send some great discount coupons fortnightly via Email (if you have an account with them), so you can purchase a game at a very cheap price.

portal 2 ebay

But, this site requires extensive searching and research on sellers, as you may face problems with certain sellers offering gaming titles at an unbelievable price! I will suggest you to follow these tips before buying:

  • On search results page, sort the results from highest to lowest price and look closely to price differences.
  • Compare price offered by a power seller and a normal / new seller.
  • Look for warranty, replacement and support details. Try to get a title which have support from official game developers.
  • Read seller’s Terms and Condition and Shipping details. Also look for and gather contact information about the seller.
  • Check seller’s feedback, especially Negative Ratings. This will tell you how the seller dealt with unhappy customers?
  • On the feedback page, look for buyers who have bought the same gaming title that you want to purchase, and see their feedback and ratings.

I have purchased 2 titles for my PS3 from new sellers on eBay and had a very pleasant experience. I will again suggest you to research very carefully before making the final purchase.

Other Websites

Other websites like Flipkart, Homeshop18, Infibeam, etc. also offers gaming titles, but I don’t find their pricing structure any good. Moreover, almost all popular games are Out of Stock most of the time! But, feel free to browse these sites and you may find an offer or a good price there!