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Reduce size of JPEG Images Online without much Quality Loss

Need may arise when you’d like to reduce the file size of JPEG photos stored on your computer or mobile device. This can be easily done online without needing any special photo editing application like GIMP, Photoshop etc. Let’s check out in this post how to do so?

JPEGmini allows you to reduce the file size of any JPEG photo by up to 5 times, while maintaining its resolution and quality.

How to use JPEGmini on PC or Mac?

Go to this page and click on Press to Upload Photos. A new window will pop up, which will ask you to select the location of a JPEG photo on your hard drive:

select photos

Note: You can also drag and drop a photo onto this page.

Select a photo and it will be uploaded to JPEGmini’s server. The server will now try to reduce the size of your photograph. When it has completed processing the image, you can see the comparison of photo quality in between the original and shrinked image by moving your mouse left and right. You’ll also see how many times the size has been reduced?


In my case, I uploaded this photo of size 219 KB and of 1600×1200 resolution. After compression, the file size gets reduced by 1.6 times (138 KB). You can see the compressed photo right here.

How to use JPEGmini on your mobile device?

The steps for using the online utility remains same as above for both Android and iOS (iPhone, iPad and iPod Touch) platform:

jpegmini ios

jpegmini android

The only additional thing that you can do with your mobile device is that you can take a photo instantly and upload it to JPEGmini’s server for compression:

take photo choose existing

If you are using Android, then you can also import a photo from your Google Drive, Dropbox etc. account, if their mobile apps are installed on your device:

choose an action

Important notes:

1. Without registering you can optimize a single photo at a time. But if you’d like to optimize photos in batch (in an album), then you need to register for the service:


2. An album can contain 1000 photos and its size should not exceed 200 MB. Although there is no limitation on the total number of successive albums that you can upload.

3. When the server finishes processing your album, you will receive a completion email from the service:

completion email

In your account you will also see the original and the optimized size of the whole album.

4. The service can also export your optimized photo albums to your Flickr and Picasa (aka Google+ Photos) accounts directly. All you need to do is to authorize JPEGmini with them:

compressed JPEG album

google account access permission

5. Your optimized photos will be stored on JPEGmini’s server for 1 week, so that you can download them onto your computer’s hard drive. After 1 week they will be deleted permanently. Also, the original uploaded photos are deleted immediately as soon as the server completes processing them.