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Short guide to Google AdSense Payments & Earnings in India

AdSense is one of the largest online advertising agency in the world, which allows you to monetise your website by displaying contextual advertisements.

Every month Google issues payment to its Indian publishers, provided that they have reached the minimum payment threshold ($100 or more) in the last month. Let’s check out following things in this short guide:

  • What happens when you have reached the payment threshold?
  • How to track the status of your issued check?
  • How many days will it take to get your check cleared?

Important note: This guide assumes that you have already submitted your PIN for address verificationtax information and there’s no payment hold in your account. If you haven’t done so, then you should do it now, as because without these details Google will not issue you a payment. In case you are having some problem, then you should head over to official AdSense forum or read the official payment guide.

What happens when you have reached the payment threshold?

Suppose at the end of November 2013, you have earned $200 (estimated earnings). In the month of December 2013, Google will issue you a payment because you have crossed the $100 payment threshold.

For the first few days in the month of December, you will see Payment in progress written as because someone from AdSense team is processing your finalized earnings manually. Once the processing is complete, your earnings will be posted in your account’s payment page after some days.

Note: Your finalized earnings can be slightly less than the estimated earnings because of the official reason stated here (invalid clicks).

Google will now issue you a check either in the third or fourth week of December 2013. When your payment has been issued, you will start seeing the payment issue date and Payment Issued written in front of month name. You will also see following details written under it:

payment issued

  • Payment type: This will be either Check or Wire Transfer (see update at the bottom of this post).
  • Payment Date: Exact date on which Google has issued a payment to you.
  • Payment number: Your unique payment number for future reference.
  • Tracking number: Tracking number of the courier service or Indian post office.
  • Amount in Reporting Currency: Finalized earnings in USD.
  • Exchange rate: Currency conversion rate on your payment issue date.
  • Amount in payment currency: Total amount in Indian Rupees as per the exchange rate.
  • Check cleared: This field only gets displayed if you have already cashed your check.

If you click on Statement of Earnings, you will be able to see following details:

statement of earnings

  • Payment from: Address of Googleplex.
  • Payment to: Your full name and address.
  • Customer ID: Your unique identity with Google.
  • Payment number.
  • Payment Date.
  • Payment Type.
  • Payment in Payment Currency: Total amount in INR.
  • Exchange Rate.
  • Payment in Reporting Currency: Your finalized earnings in USD.

How to track the status of your issued check?

Google generally sends check to its Indian publishers via Blue Dart. The courier company offers great service in India and chances are very rare that your check might get lost during its transit. On the Payment page, you can find your tracking number in following format:


Copy the numbers from above and paste it in the tracking field under Waybill on the courier company’s official website and click on Go button. The immediate next page will show you following details:


  • Waybill number: Your tracking number.
  • Reference number: Blue Dart’s reference number for internal use.
  • Pickup date: Exact date on which the courier service picked up your check from Google’s office at Hyderabad.
  • From: Name of city from where your cheque has been dispatched. Generally it’s always Hyderabad.
  • To: Name of your city.
  • Status: It can be shipment delivered/redirected/rerouted, in transit, contact customer care, consignee not available etc. For more information about your check’s exact status, you should contact Blue Dart’s office in your city or their 24×7 helpline.
  • Date and time of delivery: If your check has been delivered, then you will see the date and time of its delivery.
  • Recipient: Name of the person who collected your check.

Important notes:

  • If services of Blue Dart is not available in a particular city or town, then the publisher should expect his check via Speed Post.
  • Generally speed post tracking number is never provided to any publisher (as per my best knowledge).
  • If you haven’t received your check and a Blue Dart representative or their website says that your check has been delivered, then you should ask them the exact address where they have delivered the check? My own check was delivered to wrong address a total of 3 times!
  • If some other person (whose name is similar to yours) has cashed your check, then you should immediately open a thread on AdSense forum and request a top contributor to escalate your issue to a Google employee (AdSense Pros).
  • If your AdSense check is lost then you can request Google to re-issue your check.

How many days will it take to get your check cleared?

Google uses Citibank checks to pay Indian publishers in INR. If there’s a Citibank branch in your city, then your check should get cleared in 3 to 5 working days. In case the branch is not located in your city or town, then it may take up to 14 working days to get your check cleared.

Note: You should also contact your bank and ask them how many days will it take to clear a check from Citibank? Only they can provide you accurate information.

Update: Now receive your AdSense Payment by Wire Transfer

On 5 March 2014, AdSense team has announced that they will also be sending payment to Indian publishers using wire transfer, which is a faster, reliable and more secure alternative to check payments.

You are required to provide wire transfer instructions about your bank to Google (account number, account holder’s name, name of bank and IFSC Code) by going to your account’s Payment settings page and then clicking on Add a new form of payment, so that they can send your payment directly to your bank account:

new form of payment

You should also go to your bank and ask them how to receive US dollars in your account using wire transfer from abroad? Your bank will provide you with a SWIFT-BIC or you can search for the code on its official website. Also, it is not necessary to enter following details, but you should confirm this with your bank:

  • Intermediary bank details (optional): If your bank provides intermediary instructions for receiving wires from Singapore, provided those here.
  • For further credit details (optional): If your bank required For Further Credit (FFC) or For Benefit Of (FBO) instructions to receive a wire transfer, provide these here exactly as specified by your bank.

payment settings

Keep in mind, if you opt to receive payments via wire transfer then you are required to pay a wire transfer fee (or service tax for currency conversion) which ranges from Rs. 56 to Rs. 110.

Important note: Google will send you payment using wire transfer, not via Electronic Fund Transfer (EFT), which don’t pass through Automated Clearing House (ACH). Try not to get confused over these two terms.

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I want to know that, how much time it will take to complete transfer of revenue in my bank account ?
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please help

Yes, provided that you have properly added the bank in your AdSense account.

sir u have provided detailed information but i wanted to ask that if, suppose, i have $100 in my account so how much estimated money (in rupees) i will receive in bank account???
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