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How to Remove Password from a PDF File?

If you’d like to instantly remove password from a PDF file, then let’s check out in this post how to do so using a freeware?

Important note: This post is not about cracking passwords. This post is meant for those who have personally created a password protected PDF file in the past and now want to remove its password.

Download BeCyPDFMetaEdit and install it on your computer. The utility can post-process/edit PDF file’s metadata, bookmarks and viewer preferences. Once the utility has been successfully installed, run the application and it will ask you the location of a password protected PDF file:

pdf location

Before clicking on the open button, make sure that you have selected Complete Rewrite under Mode, instead of Incremental Update. Click on open button and the program will ask you the password of your PDF file. Enter the password correctly and click on OK button:


Note: If you don’t enter the password correctly, then you will get error messages and you will have to start all over again.

Now go to Security tab and select No encryption from the drop-down menu under Security system:

no encryption

Click on Save button and the password from your file will be removed. You will also get following confirmation message from the utility:


The active document has been successfully updated. Do you want to view the document now?

When removing passwords, the utility is also capable of repairing corrupt PDF files, as it can restore their proper file structure.