How to Find Videos hosted on Facebook?

Just like photos, thousands of videos are uploaded on Facebook everyday. Let’s check out in this post how to find a Facebook video using Google as well as Graph Search?

Using Google

Suppose you want to find videos of Lionel Messi which are shared on Facebook. For this you need to make use of site operator and search as follows:

Lionel Messi OR messi OR “Lionel Messi”

lionel messi facebook

Majority of the results will be from Facebook pages, where privacy of a video is set to public. Rarely you will see a video result that points to a Facebook profile, as they don’t have a useful or descriptive title for Google.  (Example).

Important Notes:

  • The search results are produced based on the title of the page, tags and description of the video. Sometimes the results are also based on name of the page.
  • Videos from a group are never displayed, as Google can’t crawl or access them. Even you are required to login to view them.
  • You can also sort the results by past hour, past 24 hours, past week, past month, past year and Custom Range. For sorting, just click on Search tools >> Any time.
  • If someone has uploaded a video of a cat, but has set the title and description of the video as cute dog, then you will not see a video for which you searched for!
  • Your search term inside quotation marks may produce better results.
  • You can access a same video by using two different URLs viz. and

Using Graph Search

Graph search also allows you to find videos that are posted by various people, groups and pages on Facebook. Just login to your account and try following search terms in the search box:

facebook video search

  • Videos by <friend’s/person’s/page’s name>
  • Videos liked by <friend’s/person’s name>
  • Videos commented on by <friend’s/person’s name>
  • Videos of <friend’s/person’s name>
  • Videos by friends of <friend’s/person’s name>
  • Recent videos by <friend’s/person’s/page’s name>
  • Videos of me
  • Videos by me
  • Videos liked by me
  • Videos of me taken in <Name of City/Place> – Displays a list of videos which have location data in them.
  • Videos taken in <Name of City/Place>
  • Videos that my friends posted in <Name of City/Place>
  • Recent videos taken in <Name of City/Place>
  • Videos in <Name of a Public Group>

The immediate next page will show you a list of videos based on your query:

video list

Notes and Limitations:

  • Graph search will only show you those videos whose privacy is set to public. Videos that are private or shared with a limited number of people will not be included in your search results.
  • Thousands of people have same name and videos from their account might also get included in your search results.
  • You may see lots of utterly useless (that don’t make any sense) videos in your search results, as there are many people (especially kids and teenagers) who tags lots of random people and pages in a single videos.
  • You can sort the results by videos of, location, date taken (this year, this month, last month, 2014, 2013, 2012 etc.), commented on, liked and videos by me, my friends, friends of friends, my relatives, not my friends, list of some random friends from your friend list and others.