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Chat with Gmail & Facebook Contacts on Outlook & Windows 8 and Windows 8 OS has gained tremendous popularity and user base in past few months. Both of them offers clean user interface and lots of useful features for everyday usage.

Do you know that you can chat directly with your Google as well as Facebook contacts from within Outlook and Windows 8? If your answer is NO, then let’s check out in this post how to do so?

Note: You can only chat with your contacts when you connect your Google account with the service, but when you connect your Facebook account, you will be able to do following things also:

  • See your friends and their text, photo and video updates.
  • Publish your photos and videos and tag your friends.
  • Share files with your friends.
  • See your own photos and videos.
  • Use above features on other apps and websites where you use your Microsoft email account.

Chat with contacts stored in your Google & Facebook Account

1. Sign in to your email account using this link:

2. Once you are successfully logged in, click on the link that says Chat with your Google Contacts/Facebook friends:


3. The immediate next page will ask you to connect your Google/Facebook account with Outlook. Here you need to click on the Connect Button:


The next page will ask for your Google/Facebook account username and password, which you want to connect with Outlook. Sign in to your account and click on Allow Access or Okay Button on the next page:


facebook authorization

4. Once the connection is successful, you will get following Confirmation Message:


Now go to your Outlook Inbox and click on the small chat icon present in the top right corner of the screen. This will open a chat sidebar where you can see a list of all your contacts who are currently online and available for chat:

chat window

Select any online contact and start chatting with them instantly. Happy chatting!

Important Notes:

  • In order to view a list of all online contacts in Windows 8 messaging application, it is necessary to first connect your mail account with your Google/Facebook account using a browser.
  • If you are using Google Apps, then you can also connect your Apps Account with Outlook.
  • Using same authorization steps described above, you can connect your Twitter, LinkedIn, Yahoo!, Sina Weibo and Flickr accounts.
  • If required, you can always delete connection between Outlook and Google/Facebook either from your Manage your accounts page or using these direct links here and here.