ABR Software Unable to Activate Windows 7 Offline?

ABR software allows anyone to easily Backup and Restore their Windows 7 Activation File (backup-cert.xrm-ms). But there are many people who are experiencing problems with the software because of the following main reasons:

  • The program keeps crashing on their Computer.
  • The program is unable to create activation file, because of the type of Windows OEM that came pre-installed with their computer.

ABR Program Keeps on crashing?

Many people have reported that the software keeps on crashing whenever they run the .exe file. If you are facing this problem, then try running the program using Command Prompt (cmd):

1. First of all make sure that you are using correct version of software. There are 2 separate versions of ABR available on the official website – One is for Windows Vista (ABR-1.0.exe) and the other one is for Windows 7 (ABRbeta.exe). You are required to download and use ABRbeta.exe.

2. Temporarily disable any Security Application you are running on your Computer like Anti-Virus, Firewall etc.

3. Download ABRbeta.exe again and save it to C: drive – Click on the executable file to extract its content.

4. Now Open Command Prompt (click on Start Menu >> Search Programs and Files >> Type cmd).

5. Type following commands and press Enter key (see screenshot below):

cd abr


6. If the process is successful, backup-cert.xrm-ms will be created and you will see following message:

windows 7 activation backup successful

Type of OEM (Original Equipment Manufacturer) that came pre-installed with your computer

There are 3 different types of Windows OEM Licenses viz. OEM_SLP (System Locked Pre-installation), OEM_NONSLP (Non System Locked Pre-installation) and OEM_COA (Certificate of Authentication). You can perform offline activation of Windows 7 using ABR, only if you have OEM_SLP license.

How to check which OEM License is installed on your computer?

1. Open Command Prompt (cmd)

2. Type following commands in it one by one:

slmgr -dli

slmgr -dlv

3. After typing above commands and hitting enter, wait for sometime. A Small Window will pop-up which shows information about the type of OEM installed on your PC:

slmgr dli

slmgr dlv

If your computer have a OEM_NONSLP or OEM_COA license of Windows 7, then you will not be able to perform offline activation. In such a case, you are required to call Microsoft and activate your copy.