Backup Android Data to External SD Card or Cloud Storage

If you want to backup your Android device’s data to popular cloud storage services like Dropbox,, Google Drive, SugarSync, Facebook, OneDrive (formerly SkyDrive), Amazon S3 and Ubuntu one, then let’s check out in this post how to do so?

Creating and Scheduling a Backup

SanDisk Memory Zone can instantly generate a backup file of EVERYTHING present on your mobile device and allows you to either store the file on your phone’s external memory OR upload the file to your favorite cloud storage service.

Install the application from Google play and run it. When you first run the application, you need to wait for Content Indexing (File scanning) to finish. Once it’s complete, tap on Add online storage under online storage and the application will show you a list of all major cloud services where you can store your data:

cloud services

Tap on any service’s name and enter your username and password to authorize the application with your cloud account:

authorize sandisk

Note: If you’d like to authorize Amazon S3 with the application, then you need to get your AWS access key and secret key from here.

Once you have added your preferred storage service, tap on Backup/Restore and the application will ask where you want to store the generated backup file? Here either you can select external SD card OR you can select a service from your authorized list of cloud providers:

backup restore


The application will now ask what to backup? Here you can select from your contacts, photos, music (audio files), videos, documents and installed applications:

what to backup

Once you have done selecting, tap on the continue button and the application will ask whether you want to schedule your backup? Under how often to backup, you can select from Only this time, Every day, Once a week, Every 2 weeks:


Tap on the continue button and the application will display the progress and status of your backup:


Restoring the Backup

SanDisk Memory Zone is also capable of restoring backups that it created earlier. Follow these steps in order to do so:

1. Run the application and wait for file scanning to finish. Now, tap on Backup/Restore button and then tap on Restore From:

restore from

It will now ask you for the location of backup which you want to restore. Depending on where you saved the backup file earlier, select either memory card or name of cloud storage provider:


Select the file location and tap on continue button and the application will instantly restore the data for you.


Another great feature of the application is OptiMem, which allows you to free up your phone’s internal memory by moving stored photos, videos and music to external memory:


Just tap on OptiMem button when the application starts and you will see how much space you are going to save after moving the data? Tap on Move to SD Card and the application will instantly start moving your data. You can also choose to run OptiMem on a weekly basis by going to application’s settings page:

OptiMem settings

Important Notes:

  • You can also password protect the generated backup file by going to application’s settings page.
  • Try not to restore the backup file generated by SanDisk Memory Zone using some other application, and vice versa.
  • The application can be considered quite useful for backing up your device’s data prior to rooting your phone and flashing its ROM.