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Convert Small Photos into Large Posters

If you want to convert ANY small photo into multi-page poster sized image, then Rasterbator is your best friend! The application can create rasterized version of any image, which can then be printed and assembled into an enormous poster! Let’s check out in this post how to do so online as well as offline?


You can find an online version of rasterization application at As soon as you land on the homepage, click on Create your Poster button:

create poster

The immediate next page will ask you to select source image. Here either you can load the image from an URL OR upload / drag the image from your computer hard drive:

upload image

Once the image has been uploaded you will see its preview, along with following options:

paper size

Paper Size

  • Print Yourself, standard Paper Size: Here you can select the size of your print sheet which can be A4 (210×297 mm), A3 (297×420 mm), US Letter (216×279 mm) and US Legal (216×356 mm). You can also select Landscape and Portrait as orientation of the paper.
  • Print Yourself, custom Paper Size: Here you can select your own custom width and height of the paper. Both width and height must be in between 10 and 1000 mm.
  • Order color or black and white prints from Kiss Printing (50% of the profit goes to charity): Here you can select the size of the sheet which can be Poster (330×483 mm), Water and Tear Proof Paper (330×483 mm) and US Letter (216×279 mm). You can also select Landscape and Portrait as paper orientation.

Output Size

Using this you can select the total number of sheets you want to use with your poster. E.g. 6 sheets wide or 6 sheets high.

Note: Whenever you select the size of your paper, you will see a human figure (180 cm tall) moving behind the preview image. It gives you an idea how large your poster will be after printing and assembling. You can also see the output image size (in meters) and total number of papers required under preview:

output poster

Once you have selected the output paper size, click on the continue button and the next page will ask you to select following:

rasterbation options

Rasterbation Options

  • Draw cutout line: Enabling this will add a dim rectangle on each page so that you can cut away the margins.
  • Max Dot Size (in mm): Enter smaller value of dot size, if you want your output image to be smaller. Else enter larger value of dot size. The dot size can be in between 5 to 25 mm.

Color Mode

Here you can select the color of the dots in the output image. Either it can be Black and White OR Single Color OR Multiple color.

Once you have configured your preferred rasterbation options, click on Rasterbate Pages button. The server will now process your image and you can download your poster in a PDF file:


Above is a preview image created using rasterbator, you can download full PDF file from here. You can also check rasterbator online in action in following video:


You can also rasterize images using an offline software, which can be downloaded from here. The application and its functionality are completely same as the web version, but it doesn’t support loading an image from a hyperlink and image cropping. Check out following video to see Rasterbator software in action:

The application requires .Net Framework for Windows Operating system, while Linux and Mac OS requires Mono. Keep in mind, there are certain compatibility issue on Linux and Mac.


Whenever you are ready to print your poster using Adobe Reader or some other PDF reading software, always select Fit to Printer Margins under Page scaling for best results:

rasterization print

In case you want horizontal paper alignment, then make sure to select Auto-Rotate and Center, as most printers cannot print to the margins of the paper!

If you would like to view some awesome posters created using Rasterbator, then you can see them on Flickr.