Get a Refund for ANY Purchased Application from Google Play

If you have accidentally purchased an application from Google Play OR your purchased application is not working as intended on your mobile or tablet device, then let’s check out in this post how to get a full refund from Android Market?

Return the application within first 15 minutes of its purchase

In order to get a full refund from Google play, you need to return the purchased application within 15 minutes of its download. Keep in mind, you can return a purchased application only once. If you purchase the same application again in future, then you may not be able to return it for the second time.

For returning the application within first 15 minutes of its download, follow these steps:

1. Launch Google play on your mobile device and then select My Apps:

my apps

2. A list of all your installed and purchased applications will be displayed. From this list find the paid application for which you want to initiate a refund process and tap on its name. On the description page of the application, you will see a refund button as follows:


Tap on it and Google will ensure not to charge your credit card. You will also get an order cancellation confirmation email in your inbox from Google play:

refund email

The application will also be uninstalled from your device.

Return the purchased application after 15 minutes!

After the refund time frame of 15 minutes is over and your purchased application is facing following problems:

  • Force close and bugs.
  • Don’t display properly.
  • Don’t work as described.

Then you can apply for a refund by going to your Google Play’s account order page. You need to login there using the same email address and password that you are using on your mobile device and you will see a list of all purchased applications on the next page:

order page

Hover on the name of application for which you want to apply for a refund and click on Report a Problem:

report a problem

A new window will pop up and on this window you are required to select I’d like to request a refund and click on the submit button:

refund request

In the the next window enter the reason in details because of which you’d like to apply for a refund and click on submit button:


Note: Try to describe your problem in full details. You may also want to include the manufacturer name and exact model number of your mobile device.

If Google/developer decides to refund your money, then you will see Refunded written in front of the name of the application:


You may also get an email from Google informing you about the status of your requested refund.


  • Before purchasing any paid application, try to test it beforehand using its free or trial version. Almost all popular applications in various categories have a free limited version available for trial.
  • Once you have downloaded a paid application from the market, try to test it on your device within the first 10 to 14 minutes of its purchase. If it’s not working as expected, then you should apply for a refund immediately.
  • You can’t apply for a refund for in-app purchases, as they are final.