Android Security

Locate Lost or Stolen Android Mobile using Anti-Theft Feature

If you are looking for an Android application that can locate your mobile device (smartphone or tablet) when it gets lost or stolen, then let’s check out in this post a short review about anti-theft feature of Kaspersky.

Kaspersky Internet Security is a free application for enhancing your device’s security as it comes with a anti-virus, an on-demand scanner, call and text filter (blocker) and anti-theft. In this post we will see how to make use of application’s advanced anti-theft features:

1. Install and run the application on your device. When the application starts it will ask you to update its virus definition as well as scan your full device:

scan your device

2. Once the update and scan process is complete, tap on the anti-theft icon in the menu present at the bottom of the application. It will now ask you to set itself as your device’s administrator. If you make Kaspersky your device administrator, then it will be able to launch anti-theft on your device remotely as well as can also prevent unauthorized removal of the application:

activate anti theft

3. On the next window, you are required to grant following permissions to the application:

  • Erase all data: Wipe out the phone’s data without warning by performing a factory data reset.
  • Change the screen unlock password.
  • Set password rules: Controls the length and the characters allowed in screen-unlock passwords.
  • Monitor screen unlock attempts: Monitor the total number of incorrect passwords typed when unlocking the screen and lock the phone OR erase all its data if too many incorrect attempts are made.
  • Lock the screen: Controls how and when the screen gets locked automatically.
  • Set lock screen password expiry: Controls how frequently the lock screen password must be changed?
  • Disable cameras: Prevents the use of device’s camera

Tap on Activate button at the bottom of the screen and the application will be set as your device’s administrator.

4. The application will now ask you to either create a Kaspersky account or sign in with an existing one. If you do not have an account then you are required to enter following details to create one:

create kaspersky account

  • Your username which will be your active and valid email address.
  • Your password.
  • Name or model number of your device.

Tap on the signup button and your account will be instantly created. You will receive an account confirmation mail from Kaspersky and you are required to confirm your email address by clicking on the link present in it:

confirmation email

5. Once you have successfully created and confirmed your account, the application will now ask you to enter a secret code to access the anti-theft feature and various types of privacy protection settings. The secret code must be 4 to 16 digits long:

create secret code

Important note: You should seriously consider writing down your secret code and keep it somewhere safe. Only this code can disable/access various anti-theft features and uninstall the application.

Anti-Theft Web Management

Once you have configured anti-theft on your mobile device, we’re now ready to use Kaspersky’s anti-theft web management service using your favourite browser:

1. Head over to this page and login there using the same email address and password that you used to create an account on your mobile. Once the login is successful, you will be able to see following anti-theft commands:

web management commands

  • Lock and locate.
  • Alarm.
  • Mugshot.
  • Data wipe.

Important Note: Above commands will only work if your lost device is connected to the internet (using Wi-Fi, Edge, 3G or 4G), as an active connection is required for synchronization. If you send your command(s) today and your device gets connected to the internet after 7 days, then your command(s) will be executed on the 7th day only!


Lock and locate

This command allows you to instantly lock and locate your device. Just click on its icon and the interface will ask you to enter your email address, so that you can receive your device’s latitude and longitude coordinates, once it’s located:

lock and locate

If you want to send an on-screen message to your device, then you can type it in the message field. Once done click on Lock and locate button and following commands will be executed in reverse order:

device locked by kaspersky

<Date and Time>: Your device is here: <Latitude and longitude coordinates>. Device location is also sent to your email.
<Date and Time>: Your device has received the Locate command. Result of command is pending during synchronization.
<Date and Time>: The Locate command has been sent. Result of command is pending during synchronization.
<Date and Time>: The Locate command is added. The sending of command is pending during synchronization.

You can also see the coordinates of your device on Google maps. Also if Global Positioning System (GPS) is activated on your device, then you may get more precise and accurate location data.


The alarm function not only allows you to start an alarm at full volume on your device, but also allows you to remotely lock it! If you also like to send a message to your device, then type it in the provided field and click on Turn on alarm and lock:

turn on alarm and lock

Following commands will be executed in reverse order:


<Date and Time>: Alarm is enabled on your device.
<Date and Time>: Your device has received the Alarm command. Command execution result is awaited during synchronization.
<Date and Time>: Alarm command has been sent. Response from device is awaited during synchronization.
<Date and Time>: Alarm command has been added. Command transmission is awaited during synchronization.

This command can also be considered quite useful when you have misplaced your device (like under the pillow, in your car etc.) and want to locate it.


The mugshot feature allows you to silently capture 5 photographs of the person who is currently using your device. The application will use your device’s front facing camera for capturing the photographs. If you’d like to lock your device and send an on-screen message, then type your message in the field provided and click on Take mugshot and Lock:


Following commands will be executed:

<Date and Time>: You will receive 5 photographs in JPEG format.
<Date and Time>: Your device has received the Take photo command. Result of command is pending during synchronization.
<Date and Time>: The Take photo command has been sent. Result of command is pending during synchronization.
<Date and Time>: The Take photos command is added. The sending of command is pending during synchronization.

Data Wipe

The data wipe command allows you to do either one of the following two things:

data wipe

  • Permanently delete personal data viz. your contacts, messages, calendar and all associated Google accounts.
  • Permanently delete EVERYTHING i.e. photos, videos, contacts, messages, calendar, applications, data present in memory card and all associated accounts from your device. Keep in mind, if you send this command, then you can’t send any further commands.

You should use data wipe command with high caution. If you’re 100% sure that you want to permanently delete data from your device, then select your preferred option and click on the Wipe RED button.

SMS Commands

In case your lost or stolen device never gets connected to the internet, then you can also make use of following anti-theft SMS commands:

sms commands

  • alarm: [code] – This will lock your device and turn on the alarm at full volume.
  • find: [code] – This will lock and locate your device. You may receive a return SMS containing coordinates of your device.
  • wipe: [code] – Will permanently delete all your identity data as well as the data present in the memory card.
  • hide: [code] – Will hide confidential contact information stored on your device.
  • fullreset: [code] – Will delete EVERYTHING present on your device’s internal and external memory.

Important notes:

  • Above [code] is the same 4 to 16 digits secret code which you set earlier.
  • SMS commands are billed by your operator and their rates depend on the type of plan you are currently using. Also return SMS will be charged accordingly.
  • You will have to use some other mobile for sending above SMS commands. Either you can use the standard SMS feature of the mobile OR you can install KIS on that device and tap on Send SMS command now button present under anti-theft settings:

command list

enter number and secret code

SIM Watch

Another useful feature of this application is SIM watch, which allows you to get the new phone number of your lost or stolen device after its SIM card has been changed. The feature also allows you to instantly lock the device as soon as the card is replaced OR the handset is switched ON with an empty card slot.

sim watch

You can set your own personalized message (for the other person/thief) when the device gets locked and can also enter an alternate phone number and email address where you want to receive the device’s new number and location.

If you are wondering how the application will send you an email message, then you need to know that it will first send a text message to a dedicated number of MTS mobile carrier in Russia. MTS will then send you the new number of your device.

Very Important Notes:

  • If you’re able to locate your device using above application, then you should contact law enforcement agencies/police of your area. Don’t try to retrieve the device yourself, as you will never know what type of person you are going to deal with?
  • If you have any problem or query then you should head over to Kaspersky’s forum and ask your question in appropriate category.