If you want to create an animated GIF (Graphics Interchange Format) from a YouTube video OR from photos stored on your computer and in your Flickr and Picasa web accounts, then let’s check out in this post how to do so?

Convert Video to GIF

If you want to convert a YouTube video into an animated GIF, then all you need to do is to head over to this page on Gickr and enter following details there:

youtube to gif

  • In the link field, enter full URL of YouTube video using which you want to create a GIF image.
  • The drop down menu under size allows you to select the size of the final image. Select from Normal (200 pixels wide), Userpic (120 pixels wide) and Tiny (50 pixels wide).
  • Select the total number of animation frames from Tiny file (5 frames), Small file (15 frames), Medium file (25 frames) and Big file (45 frames).

Click on the continue button and the server will process your video and you will get your animated GIF on the next page:


Above image is generated by using this video and by setting the output size of the image as 200px wide and total number of frames as 45.

Note: Lesser number of frames may make your final image look awkward!

Flickr to GIF

For creating a GIF image using photos posted on Flickr, you need to go to this page and enter following details there:

flickr to gif

  • Enter a Flickr tag or username and click on get pictures. The first 50 public photos (if available) from a tag page or an account will be loaded and you can select up to 10 files for your animated image. You can always click on Next Page >> if you want to fetch more images.
  • Select the size of output image from Big (450 pixels wide), Normal (300 pixels wide), Userpic (120 or 100 pixels wide) and Custom (Max 450 pixels). Also, you need to select the speed from Fast, Normal, Slow, Nice Slideshow (with delay of 3 seconds) and Custom (maximum frame delay of 10 seconds).

Click on continue button and the server will start processing your images and you will get your GIF on the next page:

white rat

Above image is generated using photos hosted on Flickr and by setting the size as 450 pixels wide and speed as Normal.

Picasa to GIF

For creating an animated GIF image from photos hosted on Picasa or Google+, all you need to do to enter your search keywords or Google+ username on this page and click on get pictures:

picasa to gif

Select the photos and click on continue button, and the server will start processing your images and you will get an output image in a matter of few seconds.

Upload Photos from Computer

Instead of using above mentioned web services, if you want to upload images directly from your computer, then head over to this page and select up to 10 images to create a GIF image.