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Get New Software, Drivers & BIOS Update for Dell Computer

If you own a Dell LaptopNetbook or a Desktop computer, then you can easily get new software, device drivers & BIOS updates for it from time to time. Let’s check out in this post how to get these updates using the official website of Dell?

1. Go to and click on Support present either at the top or bottom of the page. The immediate next page will ask you to enter your service tag or express service code:

enter service tag

Service tag is an alphanumeric code that is uniquely assigned to your product. The tag is generally printed on a sticker affixed somewhere on your computer:

dell service tag

On this sticker, you may also see a printed Express Service Code, which represents your service tag in numerical format. When you call Dell customer care, you can make use of your product’s service code for routing the call.

If you are unable to find your service tag or express service code, then you need to click on Detect my product button and the website will ask you to download and install and utility known as DellSystemDetect.exe:

dell system detect

Run the utility on your computer and if it is successful in detecting the service tag of your system, then the page will automatically refresh in your browser and you will be able to see following details about your system:

product details

  • Exact model number.
  • Service tag of your product – You may want to jot it down now.
  • Shipment/purchase date.
  • Warranty end date.
  • Information about your hard drive and physical memory.
  • Electronic manuals related to your product.
  • System configuration.

At the bottom of left sidebar, click on Get drivers and downloads and you will be able to see a complete list of all the latest drivers, firmware and software available for your product under following categories:

get drivers and downloads

  • Application.
  • Audio.
  • BIOS.
  • Chipset.
  • CPU.
  • Diagnostics.
  • Drivers for OS Deployment.
  • MODEM/Communication.
  • Mouse, Keyboard and Input Devices.
  • Network.
  • Removable storage.
  • Serial ATA.
  • System utilities.
  • Video.

You can directly download an update by clicking on its Download link or you can add several updates to your Download list so that you can download them in bulk:

download list

Important Notes:

  • For downloading small updates you can use the inbuilt download manager of your browser. But if the updates are very large, then try to use a third party internet download manager which can resume broken downloads.
  • Try to backup your important data on an external hard drive or USB storage device before installing major updates like for BIOS etc. on your system.
  • If DellSystemDetect.exe is unable to detect your service tag, then you may want to check your original purchase invoice and then contact Dell customer care.
  • If your security suite flags DellSystemDetect.exe as malware or untrusted software, then you may want to add it to your suite’s exception list.