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Exclude Post or a Page from WordPress Homepage & RSS Feed

If you are using WordPress then need may arise when you would like to exclude certain posts and pages from appearing on your blog’s Homepage and RSS feed. Let’s check out in this post how to do so?

Install Stealth Publish for your self hosted WordPress installation and activate the plugin. The plugin not only allows you to hide specific posts from your blog’s front page and feed, but it is also capable of adding a post directly to your blog’s archive without notifying any external services about the publication! These external notification includes pingbacks, trackbacks and pings to third party update services like etc.

Whenever you want to publish a post or page silently, just check the box in front of Stealth publish? present in the right sidebar of the editor. When you check the box and press the publish or update button, the plugin will assign a value of 1 to custom field stealth-publish for that particular post or page:

stealth publish

If you want to further customize the plugin, then you can make use of filters whose documentation is present on this page.

In case you have also included your blog’s pages in the feeds (using plugin like RSS Includes Pages or manually), then this plugin is also capable of overriding that function and will remove that particular page from your blog’s homepage as well as feed.