How to find out who is Hosting a particular Website?

As we all know, there are millions of websites and trillions of webpages around the World Wide Web. Need may arise when you would like to know which Web Hosting company is hosting a Particular Website?

Let’s check out in this post a Simple Service that can tell you detailed information about the Web host, IP Address and DNS (Domain Name System) of any particular website!

Why you may want to know the web hosting company name?:

  • You are a follower of a popular Website, which is getting tons of visitors per month, and you are curious to know its Web Hosting provider, whose server can withstand such a high traffic load.
  • Some other website is copying content from your Blog or Website and you want to send a complaint letter (Abuse Report or DMCA) to its web hosting provider, so that the plagiarized content can be removed.

How to know who is hosting a particular website?

Who is Hosting This? is a popular service that can help you find out web hosting provider or data canter name of any website with just a single click! All you need to do is type the URL and click on the Search Button:

who is hosting this

As soon as you click Search, the next page will tell you following details:

website details

  • Web Hosting Provider
  • WHOIS – Useful if you would like to know the name of domain registrar also.
  • Server IP Address
  • Name Servers

You can also enter an IP Address in the Search box and the service will tell you which web host or data center is hosting that particular IP Address:

website ip address

Important Note: The service returns accurate results most of the time, but it also yields inaccurate or NO results at all. This happens because many providers don’t SWIP (Shared WHOIS Project) their allocated IP addresses. If you are getting inaccurate results, then you may want to contact the Domain Registrar of a particular website OR search the internet based on Name Server details.