Post to Facebook without Internet Connection on Android

Do you know that you can post status updates to your Facebook account without an active Internet connection using your Android smartphone or tablet device? If your answer is no, then let’s check out in this post how to do so?

For using Facebook in offline mode. install the official Facebook application on your mobile device using Google Play Store. Once the application has been successfully installed, turn off any active Internet connection (Wi-Fi3G, 4G, Edge etc.) that you are currently using and open the application. The application will tell you that you are currently offline, but you can still post while offline!

facebook offline

If you want to post a status update, then tap on Status present in the bottom left corner of your device’s screen. And if you want to post only an image or multiple images, then tap on Photo present at the bottom centre of the screen.

Now start typing your message normally in the Write Post window:

write post

When you are writing an update in offline mode, you can also do following things:

  • Tag your friends present in your friend list (screenshot).
  • Set your status update’s privacy settings (screenshot).
  • Attach photos and videos from your Android device’s gallery.
  • Capture a photo (either by using front or back camera) using Facebook’s inbuilt camera application OR capture a video using your device’s camera.
  • Share status update (that got synced to your device earlier when you were online) of some other person, page or group. You can also write your own message while sharing.

And Following are the things that you can’t do while typing an update, as all of them requires an active internet connection:

Once done tap on the Post button present at the top right corner of the screen and the application will save your update and will keep on looking for an active Internet connection in the background.


The next time your device gets connected to the internet, the application will instantly start posting/uploading your status update(s)/photo(s) to your Facebook account:

offline update posted

You can also see the posting status of your message in the notification area of your device:

status of offline update


  • When tagging friends, the profile picture of most of your friends will not be visible in offline mode.
  • You can’t respond to your messages, change account settings or respond to/send friend requests in offline mode.
  • While writing this post, offline mode posting feature is not available for iOS device (iPhone, iPad and iPod Touch) users.
  • Posting in offline mode can be considered quite useful when you are travelling and there’s NO internet connection OR your connection keeps on breaking.

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