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Best Google AdSense Application for Android & Google TV

If you want to check your AdSense CPM (cost per thousand impressions), CTR (click through rate), total number of page views, clicks and estimated revenue on your Android mobile device and Google TV, then let’s check out how to do so using a third party application?

Update (3/1/2014): Google has launched its own official AdSense application on Play store, which allows any publisher to check his earnings data from AdSense as well as AdMob accounts.

AdSense Dashboard is a free third-party AdSense application which allows any publisher to check his AdSense earnings and related data on a regular basis.

Download and install the application on your Android powered smartphone/tablet device OR on Google TV. When you first run the application, you are required to authorise it with your AdSense account:


So make sure that you have already added the email address that you are using with your AdSense account on your Android device or Google TV. After successful authorization the application will be able to:

  • View basic information about your account.
  • View your AdSense data.

Click on OK button and the application will get instantly associated with your account. Following are some screenshots of old dummy AdSense data captured from within the application (click to enlarge them):

top custom and url channels graph revenue cpc ctr graph rpm page views clicks

As you can see in above screenshot, the application gives you ample information about:

  • Estimated revenue information for today, yesterday, current month and past month.
  • Today’s and yesterday’s CPC, CTR, RPM (revenue per thousand impressions), page views, total number of clicks and year to date + lifetime earnings.
  • Complete revenue information for all the custom and URL channels that you have created in your account.
  • Precise graphs containing information about various AdSense metrics like revenue, CPC, CTR, RPM, page views and clicks.

The application is completely safe to use as it uses Google AdSense Management API to provide a secure and read only view of your data. The application cannot modify any existing important information like your address, contact number etc. in your account in any way.

If you visit the application’s settings, you will also be able to set following things:


  • Always keep the screen ON.
  • Auto-refresh every 5 minutes, 15 minutes, 30 minutes, 1 hour etc.
  • Whether do you want to launch the application automatically and keep the screen always ON when your device is docked.

Important notes:

  • You can also place an AdSense Dashboard’s widget in your device’s home screen for easy access to earnings data.
  • From within the application you can always change your/switch to some other AdSense account email address.
  • If the application gives you a RPC failed network error, then try to fetch your data again after some hours.
  • You can’t view your YouTube earnings data within this application, as YouTube has a separate analytics system.
  • You can change your time zone from within your AdSense account only.
  • You can’t change the currency, as the application only shows you the default currency associated with your account.