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Why you should use AdSense Access & Authorization feature?

I have seen many webmasters of blogspot blogs who steals AdSense JavaScript code (containing your unique publisher ID) present in your site and use it on their website, so that they can show advertisements from YOUR account!

I don’t know why they do so, but if their website is hosting illegal and plagiarised material then chances are very high that Google will BAN your AdSense account because you are violating AdSense Terms of Services and Programs Policies INDIRECTLY. The rogue website is using your publisher ID and Google team can easily assume that you are the owner of that website!

Some websites also use iFrame HTML element to embed your website’s posts and pages within themselves! In this case also you are violating the TOS and Program Policies indirectly because showing AdSense advertisements inside an iFrame is a forbidden practise.

Google already know about above mentioned practises (or techniques) and that’s why they have introduced Access and Authorization feature within AdSense dashboard.

In order to use this feature login to your AdSense account and go to Site Authorization page in your dashboard and check the box in front of Only allow certain sites to show ads for my account:

site authorization

When you check the box in front of above option, the user interface will ask you to enter a list of all the domains on which you want to show advertisements using the ad code from your account:

authorized domains

You may want to include following types of domain names in the list:

  • All your domains and sub-domains which you want to monetize using AdSense.
  • If you are posting articles on some other website which is using your advertisement code and promises to share AdSense revenue with you, then you are required to enter all your article URLs separately.
  • You may also want to include all country specific TLDs of Google like (Australia), (Main site), (Russia), (Mexico) etc. You can find a complete list of all Google domains here.
  • Some of your website visitors may use Google translate OR web cache feature of Google to read articles on your website. In this case you may also want to enter (Example), (Example), (Example) etc. in the list.
  • Domains and sub-domains of Bing ( etc.), Yahoo (, etc.) and other big websites using which people read articles on your site.

If a domain name is not present in the list of your authorized websites, but it is showing advertisement using your ad code, then you will see following alert in your dashboard:

Your ads have recently appeared on websites you haven’t authorized. To avoid lost revenue, make sure to authorize any sites where you display ads by visiting your account settings.

If you see above message then go to your account settings and analyse the domains where advertisements from your account are appearing. If you think that a particular domain name is a legitimate traffic source for your website, then add it in the list of authorized websites and save the changes. Leave all other suspicious domain names out of the list.

Important Notes:

  • There’s no need to enter the domain names of partner websites of AdSense viz.,,, etc. in the list. By default, these domains have full authority to show ads from your account (if enabled).
  • If a domain name is not present in your list of authorized websites and is using your ad code, then advertisements will continue to appear there, but no revenue will be generated and credited to your account.
  • Keep in mind that all sites that you have added in the list of your authorized websites will automatically be added to the list of your owned sites.
  • If you have any more query then you should ask it here.

14 replies on “Why you should use AdSense Access & Authorization feature?”

I have a Blogspot site which I have ad code from another published. But when the published use site authorization feature ad revenue is counted only against the .com domain. But as it is Blogspot some domains are, so how to solve this issue?

I cant see or many sites like this on my adsense site list. so we need to add these as authorised sites ?

I think YES… But I will suggest you to ask your query on Official Google AdSense Support forum as well :)

Hi. I have recently monetized videos on my youtube. i check marked the feature to disable my ad from being used on any other sites except 1. Which is my only domain. Do i need to add Im confused on what you mean but i did read that you dont have to input the url in the allowed list box because it is a partner site. Thank you for reading.

No there is no need to enter in the list because it’s controlled by Google and it’s a partner website. However if you see an error related to domain in your AdSense dashboard, then there is no harm in adding to your list of authorized websites :)

Hey Mrinmay, I am little confuse on whether should we enable this feature or not because if we don’t enable it we may loose our Adsense and if we do we may loose our earning from various sites which we haven’t authorized on Adsense.

Don’t worry too much. Right now I am also not using this feature. If you think/find that some other website is using your AdSense code, then you should enable this feature.

sir, really awesome. one small query sir. actually i have converted my blogspot to custom domain recently sir. what i must do now sir in my adsense account in site authorization. whether i must add my domain name in it. please tell me sir iam confused. then sometimes pageviews are showing in adsense homepage, but after sometime all pageviews are disappearing. why sir.i kindly request you to solve my concern. thank you in advance.

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