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Encryption Utility which don’t Require any Installation!

If you are looking for a free application that can encrypt sensitive data stored on your computer almost instantly, then you should definitely try WinFileCrypt.

You can download the latest version (1.5 while writing this post) of the application from here in a .zip file. Once you have downloaded the compressed file, all you need to do is to extract its content and click on the name of the program. The application do not require any installation and it will start running instantly:


How to encrypt a file?

To encrypt a file all you need to do is to follow these steps:


1. Drag-and-drop a file which you want to encrypt in the file name field.

2. Now type the encryption key or password and click on GO button. The application will ask you to confirm your key by retyping it.

3. Your file will be instantly encrypted and a .crypt extension will be added to the file name:


How to decrypt the encrypted file?

In order to decrypt a file encrypted using WinFileCrypt application, all you need to do is to follow these steps:


1. Drag-and-drop the file which you have encrypted using this application in the file name field.

2. Now type the file’s encryption key or password that you used at the time of its encryption and click on go button.

3. If your entered key is correct, then the file will get instantly decrypted and the .crypt extension will be removed from the file name. You can now open the file using its default program on your computer.

Important notes:

  • This utility cannot be used to decrypt files that has been encrypted using some other program or encryption algorithm.
  • Try to use a encryption key which is longer in length. Longer encryption key makes your encrypted file more secure.
  • When you are trying to decrypt a file and if the decryption process fails (based on MD5 checksum), then the original encrypted file will be left alone. However, if the decryption process is successful, then the original encrypted file will be deleted.
  • The utility can be considered very useful when you want to upload encrypted files to popular cloud storage services like Dropbox, Google Drive, Microsoft OneDrive (aka SkyDrive) etc.
  • The utility can also be considered useful when you want to send encrypted file via email. Make sure that the recipient of your file knows the key and have above utility installed on his computer.
  • The utility can’t encrypt or decrypt multiple files in batch.
  • Try not to forget your key! If you do so, then you won’t be able to access or recover the encrypted file in any case, as the application encrypts your data using 3DES cipher-block-chained encryption, with a 128 bit key.