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Automatically Record All Incoming & Outgoing Calls in Android

UPDATE: If you’d like to recover your deleted call recordings then you should check out THIS VIDEO – However keep in mind that there’s NO GUARANTEE that you will be able to restore your deleted recordings, as Android OS keeps on overwriting new data on the free space of recently deleted data.

If you are using an Android powered smartphone or tablet device and want to record all incoming as well as outgoing calls on it, then let’s check out in this post how to do so using a free application?

Automatic Call Recorder for Android allows you to record any phone call, listen to the recorded conversation and share the audio file instantly. Download and install the application from Play Store on your mobile device and run the application.

When the application first starts, check the box in front of Increase call volume. This will help the application in recording your calls in better quality:

increase call volume

The immediate next thing that you should do is to go to application’s settings and check the box in front of Always show the application in the notification bar. When you enable this option, a small phone icon will always be visible in the top left corner of your device’s screen and you can directly access the application from the notification bar. But if you don’t want to see this icon, then you can always skip this step!

Now whenever you make a call OR receive a call to/from someone, you will see a small red circular icon in the top left corner of your device’s screen. This icon indicates that your call is currently being recorded by the application:


When you disconnect a call and check your device’s notification area, the application will tell you that you currently have X number of recordings:

notification bar

Tap on the new recording(s) and you will be able to see a list of all recorded numbers/lots of options for a particular recording:


  • Play: Your recorded call will start playing within the application’s inbuilt audio player.
  • Delete: Tapping on this will instantly delete a recording permanently from your device. Keep in mind that once a recording has been deleted, there’s no way to recover that file.
  • Share: Allows you to share the recorded file via Bluetooth, Email, Gmail, MMS, Dropbox, Google Drive etc.
  • Save: If you tap on save option for a particular recording, then the application will move that file from inbox to saved.
  • Edit Call notes: If you want to enter or edit notes for a particular recording, then you can do so using this option.
  • Contact history: Will show you a list of all incoming and outgoing calls that you have made to/received from a particular number.
  • Call: The application will directly place a call to a particular number/contact.
  • Contact details: Will open the phone book of your device, so that you can see the stored contact details of particular number.
  • Don’t record this contact: The application won’t record any further calls from a particular contact/number.

You can also see/set following things under application’s settings:


  • Record calls: The application will keep on running in the background and will keep on recording all/specific calls on your mobile device.
  • Cloud: You can associate your Dropbox and Google Drive account with the application, so that your recordings can be synced to the cloud automatically. Keep in mind that certain cloud syncing features are only available in the pro version of the application.
  • Audio source: The default audio source for the application is voice call, but you can always select from Mic, Voice uplink and Voice downlink as per your requirements. Uplinking means transmission path for commands from mobile station (cell phone) to the base station (cell site), while downlinking means transmission path for commands from base station to the mobile station.
  • File type: The default extension for all your recorded audio calls will be AMR (Adaptive Multi-Rate audio codec), but you can always select 3GP OR WAV (Waveform Audio File Format) using this option.
  • Recording path: The default recording path for all your recordings is /sdcard/CallRecordings, but you can always change the path as per your own requirements. Either it can be in your phone’s memory OR on an external memory card.
  • Reset recording path: If you want to reset the recording folder to default, then tap on this option.
  • External player: The application has an inbuilt player which can be used to play your recorded files. But in case you want to use some third party audio player installed on your device, then check the box in front of this option.
  • Notification bar: The application icon will always be visible in the notification area on your device.
  • New call: Enabling this option will always show you a notification about a new call.
  • Show caller image: Will show the caller image in the new call notification.
  • Automatic speaker: Your phone speakers will be switched ON instantly for all incoming and outgoing calls.
  • Inbox size: You can select from 5, 10, 20, 40, 100 and 200 (only available in the pro version of the application) as your inbox size. Once your inbox is full, the application will automatically start deleting the very last audio file from the recording list.
  • Bluetooth: When your device is connected to or using Bluetooth, the application won’t record your calls.
  • Recording volume: Increasing the recording volume allows the application to record your calls in better quality.
  • Default mode: Select from Record all, ignore all and ignore contacts as the default operating mode for the application. Record all is the option which is enabled by default.
  • Contacts to record: Using this option you can select a list of all the contacts from your phone book whose incoming as well as outgoing calls you want to record. Keep in mind that the application will keep on recording calls from all other numbers which are not present in your phone book.
  • Contacts to ignore: Select a list of all those contacts whom you don’t want to record at all.
  • Show subject: The application will always display the call subject in the recording list.
  • After call: If you enable this option, then a recording summary and various actions that can be performed will be shown immediately after a call is ended.
  • Language: The default language for the application is System language, but you can always select from English, French, Spanish, Portuguese, Japanese, Korean, German, Russian, Arabic, Chinese, Dutch, Italian, Swedish, Polish, Turkish, Hindi, Vietnamese, Thai, Slovak, Norwegian, Lithuanian, Latvian, Indonesian, Hungarian, Greek, Finnish, Estonian, Danish, Czech, Italian, Bulgarian, Croatian, Hebrew, Filipino, Serbian and Ukrainian as the default language.
  • Shake to record: The pro version of the application allows you to record a call by shaking your mobile device. When you enable shake to record option, the application will start recording a call that wouldn’t be automatically recorded. You can also set the shake sensitivity for your device as per your requirements.

Feel free to hear a sample recorded call (in Hindi) to Vodafone Customer Care using this application right here – .amr was the extension of the uploaded file.

Important notes:

  • Overall quality of the recorded audio file also depends on the quality of your mobile network. Poor network will always result in low audio quality.
  • If there is lots of noise in the background, then your whole recording may get ruined.
  • Since the application automatically starts deleting/overwriting recorded files once the inbox is full, so make sure that you have saved any important recorded call either on your computer (share via Bluetooth or Wi-Fi) OR on a cloud server. Once a file is deleted/overwritten, there is no way to recover it. Only advanced Android users may help you to recover that file.
  • Try to speak louder when you are recording calls.
  • You can always make use of multi-select option present within the application to batch delete multiple audio files from your device.
  • Make sure that your phone’s internal memory or SD card have sufficient storage space for saving recorded calls. The application won’t be able to record any calls if there’s insufficient space.

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How can I recover a deleted recording? The article says only ‘advanced android users’ can help recover the file. Who is considered an advanced user? Is this something I can do online? Or do I need to call phone repair/tech places?

Any help is appreciated!!

Hi,i have downloaded automatic call recorder.but i forgot to save and now how shall i get it back again.please help.


I am unable to understand what you forgot to save? If the application has successfully (and automatically) recorded a call, then it should be present in the list of all recorded calls.


I also lost some recordings and it seems it was because I didn’t save them manually. It appears that the app saves a certain number of calls and then when that number is reached the it erases the old calls. This was very upsetting because I bought the Pro Version and can’t understand why my calls are not all saved automatically. Please help on how to recover the old calls. I didn’t delete any calls manually and the memory card was never removed from the phone.

Hello Sorry for late response. Unfortunately I am unable to help you regarding how to recover deleted recordings. I will suggest you to contact the developer directly using this email address: OR you may want to ask your query at – They may tell you the procedure about recovering deleted files from your phone’s SD card.

I have the app of automatic call recorder in my phone downloaded from Google play store and I don’t know how it s language changed from english to french.kindly guide me how to change the language back to english.pls help for sure

When im on the phone it shows red dot that its recording and after call is finished a message comes up saying that it couldnt record because something else is trying to record. I uninstalled the free automatic call recorder thinking thats what it was but its still doing it but its not with every call just some. Need help in finding out what else could be recording because I have nothing else installed on phone

@Lebogang Trevor – Recorded Files are stored on my phone in the following folder:

It can be accessed from your phone’s File Manager app at CallRecordings.

You can use an app called “X-Plore File Manager” to use Wi-Fi to transfer your files to your computer hard drive.

Hello Mrinmay,

I was wondering if you can help me recover the metadata for my calls…

When I upgraded to Pro version, all the metadata for about 150 calls that I “saved” was lost. (By “saved” I mean that it was placed into the saved column of the app.) The app no longer displays all those saved calls in the saved column, and so I have no way to determine what is the content of all those audio files.

For Automatic Call Recorder (Appliqato, AppStar), do you happen to know where the metadata is stored? For example, when you view the files from within the app, you can see “Call Notes” and the contact name whom you called (or who called you). But when you upload the files to your hard drive, or Google Drive, all you see is “call_18-23-55_OUT_4088763973.amr”, with no metadata.

I would like to know what is the location, on the device sdcard, or external sdcard, for the data file that the app is using to view the metadata of each file.

Thank you.

Hi Jerry, you just made my head spin. I will get back to you via email. Give me some time to dig deeper into my mobile phone using a file explorer. In the meantime you may want to contact the developer directly or head over to XDA developers forum.

Hi Santosh, On my mobile I can see file name as “call_09-29-30_OUT_+91999xxxxxxx.amr” OR “call_09-29-30_IN_+91999xxxxxxx.amr”. Here:

* “09-29-30” shows the exact time when a particular call was made i.e. 09:29:30. This part is in 24 Hours format.
* OUT or IN means Outgoing call or Incoming Call.
* +91999xxxxxxx means the mobile number to which the call was made or from where the call was received.

If +91999xxxxxxx is saved in your phone book then the application will show you the name of the contact in the recorded call list. If a number is not present in your phone book, then the application will only show you the number. See screenshot:

Hi Mrinmay,

After reading other Android and Samsung forums, I found the APK files for other apps, but not for this one. You must use a root file manager such as “X-Plore File Manager” from the Playstore. (It also lets you copy files using Wi-Fi, you can backup the entire sdcard and system files, and it has a graphical “map” to see where all the large files of data are so you can clean them out. The DCIM camera thumbnails are one example.)

Root Folder: /system/app/file-xyz.apk

I received an email reply from the support team (!!), but they were not able to answer my question. I have drafted another email to inquire with more details.

I still do not know where the Call Notes data is stored. I want to at least back up all the app data before deleting the cache of either the Pro or non-Pro version, or before uninstalling the Pro version of the app.

From your above post, I realize now that the caller ID is accessed from the Contacts on your device. The program matches the phone number with its contact name. So what’s really missing is the Call Notes. If all is lost, I at least have the audio files, and from their filename, I can create a script that will match them to my contacts (which reside in the .vcf files that can be exported from the phone.)

Hello Jerry

I am unable to find any folder or file on my mobile device where “Automatic call recorder” application stores its meta data. Maybe the reason behind this is that I am using a mobile device without root access – I am not a very big fan of rooting actually.

The only thing that I was able to determine is that the application uses the stored meta data as file name/subject/body when sharing the recorded file with some other application. See screenshot:

I will suggest you to ask your query on XDA developers forum. Those guys are really good with these type of things.

If you find a solution to your problem, then please let me know also :)

My automatic call recorder was working just fine until about two weeks ago. Now when I make a Call I get a msg flash on the screen saying CANNOT RECORD Check to see if Another App is trying to record at the same time. It won’t record the calls anymore I deleted recently installed apps to no avail. Love the app. Please help

hii I am raghuveer actually I forgot to save yesterday’s afternoon record but when I saw inbox it was only there from 2:30 onwards but how to recover mornings record I mean upto 2:29

I am unable to help you in this case. Sorry. You may want to contact the developer directly or head over to XDA forums.

This is santhakumar ,
I was used this app working super but recently I was backup all my callers data to sd card if I was checked for delete all call recordings and restored the data then its list are opened but not played why……….. ?

No Idea. However I will suggest you to transfer all the recordings to your computer and then play them.


If the file size is 0 KB then chances are very high that the recorded file has been corrupted due to some reason.

Hello I am unable to help you regarding how to recover deleted recordings. You may want to ask for help on XDA Developers forums.

Hello…… I have lost a very very impotant call recording becoz i didnt saved it ….. cud u please kind enough to tell me that how i can get that recording back. Please. Requesting


Hello my friend. As you can see that the title of this post is “Automatically Record All Incoming & Outgoing Calls in Android”, NOT “How to Recover Deleted Recordings in Android”. I am unable to help you because I am not using a rooted Android device and I never tried to recover a deleted file. On my phone (Galaxy Note 2) a deleted recording file can’t be recovered.

I will suggest you to either contact the developer directly or head over to XDA developers forum and ask them about possible solutions to your problem. I wish you all the best.

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