Verify & Associate your Website with YouTube Channel

If you want to verify and associate your website or weblog with your YouTube channel, then let’s check out in this post how to do so?

1. Login to your YouTube account and visit your channel URL (Example). Hover on the small pencil icon present in front of your channel’s name and click on Channel Settings:

channel settings

2. On the immediate next page, you will see following written under Associated website:

associate website

Tell us if your channel is associated with another website. This will help us improve the quality of our search results and verify your channel as the official representation of your brand on YouTube.

Enter your website’s homepage URL and click on add button.

3. Your website’s association status will now become PENDING and you will see following written under it:

status pending

You can request approval from the website owner or if you own the site, verify that you own it.

4. If you click on request approval, then Google will send a verification confirmation email to the email address that’s currently associated with the website owner’s webmaster tools account:

verification confirmation email

If the webmaster receives the verification confirmation mail, then Google will also send you an email that verification request has been received by the webmaster:

request received

And if you are using the same email address for your YouTube account as well as for your webmaster tools account, then all you need to do is to click on Verify hyperlink.

Whenever you/the webmaster clicks on click here hyperlink present in front of To verify or deny the request in the verification confirmation email OR on the verify hyperlink, you will be redirected to a Associates page in Google Webmaster tools where the interface will show you following Associate request:

associate request

<Email address> requested the following association between <YouTube’s channel name> and <Website’s URL>

Click on approve button and your channel will get instantly added to your Google Webmaster tools account. If you ever want to remove the channel, then you can always do so using the same page.

association approved

Once the association has been approved, you will receive a association approved email from Google and your channel will now be associated with your website. Also the PENDING status will now change to SUCCESS under Associated Website in your YouTube account.