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How to Type in Hindi on iPhone, iPod Touch & iPad?

If you currently own an iOS powered mobile device viz. iPhone, iPod touch or iPad and want to write Hindi on it, then let’s check out in this post a free application which allows you to transliterate Hindi?


Tachyon Technologies has developed a free transliteration software known as Quillpad which allows you to intelligently type various Indian languages using an English keyboard! For users using an Apple mobile device, the company has developed a free product known as Quillpad Touch which allows them to type in Hindi:

hindi typing

Install the application on your device using iTunes/App Store and launch it on your mobile or tablet device. After launching the application, it will take around one minute to get familiar with its interface, which is quite intuitive and intelligent:


Some features of Quillpad Touch are as follows:

Keyboard features: The layout of the on-screen keyboard is compact and natural. It also displays Vowels or Matras depending on the context. The keyboard will also highlight the next keys, so that you can locate them easily.

Typing features: Whenever you are typing letters, you are required to press a key only once. The application will automatically select the correct letter as a word is written. It can also predict words and can suggest words for auto completion.

Handwriting recognition: The application can easily recognize handwritten gestures, which includes support for Halant, Bindus and Matras.

Manual correction: If you pinch anywhere on the screen, the application will combine two consonants together. You can also choose a particular letter from a key just by pressing and sliding your finger.

Feel free to check out all keyboard/typing features of the application in this PDF file.

Once you have typed your whole document in Hindi, you can do following things within the application:


  • Send the whole document via email: Launches the default mail application on your iOS device.
  • Copy to clipboard: The whole typed document in Hindi will be instantly copied to your clipboard, so that you can paste it in some other iOS application like your browser (Chrome, Safari etc.), email client etc.
  • Tweet or SMS the whole document in Hindi.

Feel free to check out following video to see Quillpad Touch in action on an iDevice:

Overall Quillpad Touch is a must have application for all Indians using an iDevice.

Note: Quillpad Editor, which is a browser based text editor, allows you to write in 10 different Indian languages viz. Hindi, Bengali, Marathi, Gujarati, Kannada, Malayalam, Tamil, Telugu, Punjabi and Nepali.