Add or Remove Applications from Google Apps Marketplace

If you are currently using Standard Edition (discontinued) or Business Edition of Google Apps for managing your emails using a custom domain, then do you know that you can add more applications to your account so that more features can be added to it and your productivity can be increased?

If your answer is NO, then let’s check out in this post how to add as well as remove applications which are available in the official apps market place of Google?

How to add an Application?

1. Sign in to your domain’s admin dashboard using following URL:<YourDomain>/Dashboard OR

In above URL, replace YourDomain with the actual keywords of your domain name along with its TLD.

2. Once you are successfully logged in, go to Google Apps Marketplace and search for your preferred paid or free application that you want to install in your account using the search box present at the top of the page OR you can browse through various categories present in the left sidebar:

google apps marketplace

3. Suppose you want to install MailChimp in your account, so that you can send newsletters to your customers via email, track the performance of various campaigns and manage your subscribers list. For this simply click on Add it now blue button present in front of the name of the application:


Note: You will be able to see the pricing details/licensing information for a particular application just below the Add it now button. If you have any query, then you can always contact the vendor using their official website OR contact information present in the vendors tab.

4. Once you click on Add it now button, the immediate next page may ask you to accept Terms & Conditions of the service/application. You may also see following warning at the top of the page:


You are adding a third-party, non-Google service to your domain. By doing this, you are granting <Application’s Name> the right to access your domain’s data. You should ensure that you know and trust the developer of this service before proceeding.

Read the full terms and conditions and if you agree with them, then click on I agree. Continue. button to proceed to the next step.

5. The next page will ask you to grant account data access to the application. For MailChimp you may see following message:

grant data access

In order to work properly, this app needs to access your domain’s data. It will be able to access the data exposed by Google APIs, which may include reading, writing, or deleting the data described below:

User Provisioning (Read only): For user permissions and access control.

Only grant data access to applications that you trust. Most of the apps in the Google Apps Marketplace were developed by companies other than Google. Some of these apps may access your data using gadgets, which may increase your risk for phishing attacks, so evaluate apps carefully. You should only install an app if you trust the app’s creator, as you are solely responsible for any compromise or loss of data that may result from using that application.

Click on Grant data access button and the application will get successfully associated with your account. On the next page you will be able to see following details:

  • Application’s current status.
  • Current status of data access: You can always revoke data access for a particular application.
  • Universal navigation links: Using the links provided, users of your domain name can access the application’s features from mail, calendar, docs, sites etc.
  • Single sign on via OpenID: Whether the application can obtain the OpenID identity of users in your domain automatically, whenever they visit a website which belongs to OpenID realms.
  • Additional settings (if any).
  • Additional Sign-in/Authorization URL: These URLs generally belongs on the third party website of the vendor.
  • Support for the application: May include links to the knowledgebase or email address of the vendor.

Important note:

1. For certain applications like Zoho Wiki, Insightly (Free CRM and project management application) etc., you are required to click on Install App button. You will find the pricing details, licensing information and vendor’s contact details just below the button:

install app

When you click on the button, Google Marketplace will directly ask you to grant access to your domain data like:


  • View and manage your mail: View, manage and permanently delete your emails in Gmail. Create, update and delete labels. Compose and send new email.
  • Details about users added to your domain name: This includes their full name, address and phone number, along with other metadata.
  • Manage your calendars: View and manage your calendars in Google calendar.
  • Manage your contacts: View and manage all your contacts that you have stored in your Google account.
  • View and manage files and documents that you have stored in your Google Drive account: Upload, download, update and delete files in Drive. Create, access, update and delete native Google documents in drive. Manage files and documents in Google Drive like search, organize and modify permissions and other metadata, such as title.
  • View your email address.
  • Basic Information about your profile: This includes your full name, public profile URL, gender, country, language, time zone and profile picture.
  • Maybe more…

Check the box in front of I agree to the applications terms of service, privacy policy and Google apps marketplace terms of service and click on Accept button.The application will get instantly added to your account and you can click on Launch app button to launch the application instantly:

launch app

You and your users may also find the app in the application’s grid icon at the top right corner the header:


How to Turn Off and Remove an Application?

Disabling and removing an application form your Google Apps dashboard is quite easy and can be done in a matter of few clicks. Follow these steps in order to do so:

Turn Off an Application

1. Go to your Google Apps account dashboard aka Admin console using this link: and click on More controls present at the bottom of the page:

more controls

2. When you click on it, you will be able to see an icon with says Marketplace Apps. Click on it and you will be redirected to a page where you can see all the applications that you have added in your account along with their current status:

marketplace apps

apps status

3. Check the box present in front of an application, which you want to disable, and click on Turn Off Service(s) button:

turn off services

The dashboard will ask you whether you want to turn off the application for everyone in your domain? Click on Turn off for everyone button and application’s status will change to OFF:

turn off for everyone

Note: Keep in mind that the changes may take up to 24 hours to propagate to all users.

Delete an Application Permanently

Even after disabling the application, if you want to delete it permanently, then click on the name of the application and you will be able to see its settings page. At the very bottom of this page you’ll be able to see a Delete application hyperlink, which allows you to permanently remove the application from your account.

delete application

Keep in mind that when you remove an application, all its free as well as paid licenses are removed from your domain permanently and the application developer may also permanently delete your data. You may need to re-purchase the application if you want to reinstall it.

Note: You may have to separately cancel your services using the third-party website of the developer. If you have any query then you should head over to official Google Apps support forums.

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