Increase Boot Speed by Uninstalling Unused Fonts

Fonts are an integral part of everyday writing on a computer, as they help present the content in a more appealing way. By default, Windows Operating System provides you with lots of Fonts to accomplish all your writing endeavors, but it also loads ALL OF THEM at the system start up! Because of this your PC utilizes more memory and this ultimately reduces the boot speed!

Most of us use only a few specific set of fonts that reflects and enhances our writing style. So, what is the use of keeping all other fonts that we never use? Removing them frees up a significant amount of system memory, which in turn reduces system start up time.

There are two ways of dealing with unnecessary Fonts in Windows:

A. Copy all unnecessary Fonts and Paste them to some other location on your Hard Drive, instead of deleting them completely:

1. Go to My Computer and open C Drive (assuming you have installed the OS in Drive C). Now, Open Windows folder:

open windows folder

2. Inside Windows folder, Navigate to Fonts folder:

windows fonts folder

3. Now, holding Control key, Select and Copy all those Fonts that you think are unnecessary and paste them onto some other location on your Hard Drive, say D drive, as a backup:

copy unused windows fonts

4. Finally, delete all the Fonts that you have recently copied and restart your computer:

delete unused windows fonts


1. Whenever you need any of these deleted Fonts, simply copy and install them back in the Fonts folder from the Backup folder.

2. When Copy Pasting fonts in some other directory on your computer, a Font Conflict dialog box may appear (because a single font can have many different styles). In this box, simply check Do this for the next “X” conflicts and select Copy, but keep both files:

fonts conflicts

B. Completely delete all unnecessary fonts!

This method is for those users who are well aware of all Fonts that they will never require.

1. Go to My Computer and open C Drive. Now, Open Windows folder:

open windows folder

2. Inside Windows Folder, go to Fonts folder:

windows fonts folder

3. Select all unnecessary Fonts by holding CTRL (Control) key and delete them permanently:

delete unused windows fonts

4. As a final step, reboot your computer.

Note: You can always download all deleted fonts from the internet and install them back in Windows Fonts Folder.