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How to Enlarge Twitter Photos & Download Them?

If you are a regular user of Twitter and would like to know how to enlarge Twitter photos (hosted on OR either uploaded by you or someone else, then lets check out in this post how to do so?

Enlarging Images

1. Go to this twitter status of mine containing a cute photo of Gaaye – A Super Cute White Rat. Now right click anywhere over the image and select Open Image in New Tab:

open image in new tab

2. When the image opens in new tab you will see a resized image whose dimension is 600×450 (Direct link)!

3. In order to enlarge this image on your computer or on your mobile device, all you need to do is to add (append) :large at the very end of the URL, so that the URL starts looking something like following:

4. Now press the enter key and you should be able to see a higher resolution of an image (Direct Link).

Important notes:

1. As per my best knowledge Twitter don’t allow you to download original resolution of any high quality image (just like we can do on Facebook). Even after appending the URL with :large, you will get a resized image! For example, the original dimension of above image at the time of uploading was 1600×1200 (feel free to download the image from here), but even after adding :large, I am getting a resized image of dimension 1024×768 in my browser.

2. This is a browser based trick, so don’t expect this to work on any Twitter based application developed for Android or iOS device.

3. Images with smaller dimensions may not be be enlarged at all.

Downloading Enlarged Images

When you enlarge an image by adding :large at the end of its URL and try to save it on your computer/mobile device, the extension of the image file becomes .jpg-large (JPG-LARGE File):

remove large

This is an invalid extension and your computer’s OS/other third party applications might not be able to read this file type. In order to get rid of this problem, all you need to do is to remove -large from the end of the file name, so that the image’s extension becomes .jpg once again.