Share AdSense Revenue with Multiple Authors in WordPress

If you are running a self-hosted WordPress blog (You are the Administrator!) and multiple authors are writing content for you, then some of you may definitely want to setup an advertisement revenue sharing system, so that every author gets 100% of the revenue generated from the articles they have written!

How to Set up Advertisement Revenue Sharing System in WordPress?

Revenue sharing system can be easily implemented with the help of Post Layout Plugin and following are the steps to do so (make sure your read important notes at the end of this post):

1. Assuming you have already installed the plugin, go to Dashboard >> Settings >> Post Layout Pro and enable Multi Author Configuration:

post layout multi author configuration

2. Once enabled, in Dashboard go to Users >> All Users. Here you will see a list of all users (and their respective roles) currently having an account with your blog.

3. The user for which you want to enable revenue sharing system, change his role to Administrator OR at least Editor:

wordpress change user role

As soon as the user’s role has been changed to Administrator or Editor, he will be able to see Users >> Post Layout Pro menu in his dashboard:

post layout pro user

4. On the Post Layout Pro – User Page, the user can now insert Advertisement Code (from AdSense, Amazon, Yahoo! Publisher Network, Chitika etc.) as well as static HTML banners for:

insert advertisement code wordpress

  • Single Posts (Top, Middle and Bottom of the content)
  • Pages (Top and Bottom of the page content)

5. Once the user has added his preferred Advertisement Code, click on Save Button to save the change. It’s all done!

The Advertisement code which the user has entered on Post Layout Pro – User page will now display on all posts and pages they have written.

Important Notes:

1. If you don’t trust any user as your blog’s permanent Administrator or Editor, then still you can insert account specific Advertisement Code for him by following these steps:

  • Temporarily upgrade user’s account to Administrator or Editor.
  • Insert Advertisement Code either yourself OR ask the user to do.
  • Downgrade the user’s account back to Author or Contributor.

The inserted code will still remain valid for that particular user irrespective of his role, as the plugin saves the information in the database.

2. If you have also added Advertisement code in your blog using PHP Theme Editor, Framework or some other plugin, then you may want to remove the code / plugin, as they may conflict with the revenue sharing system.

Post Layout plugin can also insert Advertisement Code (JavaScript), Mobile Ads, HTML and PHP Codes at the top, middle and bottom of the content.

3. If you are looking for a revenue sharing system that can split percentage of revenue (E.g. 25% for the Administrator and 75% for the author) between the Administrator and various Authors by randomly rotating Ads, then the above plugin can’t do this for you! You need to contact and hire some expert developer, as such type of plugins are currently outdated.

4. If you don’t want to display user’s advertisement on Home, Tags and Categories Pages, Comments section & Mobile based pages, then make sure to remove any existing code from the Post Layout Pro – User page.