How to create a Video Sitemap for WordPress?

To make posts more interactive, if you occasionally use videos in your blog OR if you are a regular video blogger, then a Video Sitemap can help search engines spiders (like Googlebot-Video/1.0 etc.) in better finding your Video Content (including hyperlinks), that may not be discoverable by their Normal Crawling Process.

You can easily generate an XML video sitemap for your WordPress installation by following these instructions:

Steps by Step instructions:

1. Download this plugin and upload it to /wp-content/plugins/ directory and activate it. Once activated, click on Video sitemap in left sidebar under Tools Menu.

2. On the next page you will see Generate Sitemap button and a check box which says Include video length?. Check this box if you have few videos embedded in your blog, or leave it unchecked if you have large number of videos (requires much processing power of your server when sitemap is generated):

generate video sitemap for wordpress

Once you click on the button, your sitemap will be generated instantly and the access URL will be: Your sitemap will look something like following:

video xml sitemap

If you see the source page (CTRL + U) of your sitemap, you will see following details:

xml sitemap for videos

  • Post or Page URL where the video is located.
  • YouTube URL, along with Embedding and auto play information.
  • Thumbnail URL
  • Title, Description, Duration and Publication date
  • Tags & Category associated with the video

Your sitemap is also ready to get submitted to Google Webmaster Tools:

google xml sitemap for videos


  • The current version of this plugin only supports YouTube. If you would like to embed Vimeo and Dailymotion videos, then use this plugin
  • Although not necessary, but if you want to change the appearance of your sitemap, then you can do so by editing XML style sheet file located at:
  • The sitemap follows 0.9 schema of protocol and 1.1 schema of Google.
  • You can also ping Google as soon as your sitemap has been updated using this URL: (not necessary if you already added it in your webmaster tools account)