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Download MP-PSC 2014/2015 Preliminary Exam Solved Question Paper

If you are looking for solved question paper of Madhya Pradesh Public Service Commission (MP-PSC) Preliminary Exam 2014 which was held on 9-May-2015, then this post is going to help you a lot. The paper was held in following manner:

  • 10:00 AM To 12:00 NOON – General Studies (Subject code 1) paper with 100 questions (maximum marks of 200).
  • 02:15 PM To 04:15 PM – General Aptitude Test (Subject code 2) with 100 questions (maximum marks of 200).

English and Hindi Medium students can download the original question papers for General Studies and Aptitude Test using Mediafire links provided at the bottom of this post.

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Recommended Books and Study Material

Apart from NCERT Books (which are available in PDF format and are completely free to download) you may find following books helpful in your exam preparations:

General Studies

Madhya Pradesh Specific GK Books

General Aptitude Test

Best Books for UPSC and State PSC


Following are the questions that appeared in General Studies paper (numbering as per Set A):

  1. Where is the image of an object formed in human eye?
  2. Kyoto Protocol is related to?
  3. Who was sworn in as the first Chief Minister of Telangana State?
  4. 102nd Indian Science Congress was held at?
  5. According to World Health Organization the most affected Country by Ebola is?
  6. The Nobel Prize in Chemistry for the year 2014 was given to?
  7. Indian Prime Minister launched Swachha Bharat Mission officially on which day?
  8. 19th SAARC Summit 2016 will be held in which country?
  9. Asia Pacific Economic Cooperation (APEC) Summit 2014 was held at?
  10. Which country introduced Green Army for environment conservation?
  11. In the 17th Asian Games, India secured 8th position in the Medal table and won how many total medals?
  12. Which among the following is used in the preparation of Nuclear bombs?
  13. Lentic Habitat is found in which fresh water community?
  14. Madhya Pradesh state was constituted on?
  15. Which of the following districts of Madhya Pradesh is known for the production of Graphite?
  16. Of the total forest area of Madhya Pradesh, teak forests occupy approximately how much percentage of area?
  17. Fossil National Park of Madhya Pradesh is located in which district?
  18. What is the approximate present irrigation potential, in lakh hectares, of Madhya Pradesh?
  19. Opium is cultivated in which district of Madhya Pradesh?
  20. According to Census 2011 of the total population of Madhya Pradesh the percentage of rural population is?
  21. According to Census 2011, the district of Madhya Pradesh with highest female-male ratio (sex ratio) is?
  22. The state with lowest urban population in India is?
  23. State in India with longest coast-line is?
  24. Which of the following Buddhist literature contains the Buddha’s Sermons on matters of ethics and doctrine?
  25. The Gupta Empire granted tax free agrarian land to which of the following?
  26. Which of the following Rajput dynasties founded the city of Dhillika (Delhi) in the eighth century?
  27. Which of the following Sultans introduced Market Reforms?
  28. Which among the following Sikh Gurus instituted the Khalsa Panth?
  29. Which of the following Mughal Emperors introduced educational reforms?
  30. Which of the following is not a composition of Saint Tulsidas?
  31. During the reign of Shivaji the foreign minister was known as?
  32. Which Governor General introduced the permanent land revenue system in India?
  33. All India Muslim League was founded in which year?
  34. Who was elected as the President of Indian National Congress for the year 1938?
  35. Mountbatten Plan regarding the partition of India was officially declared on?
  36. Bangladesh was established as an independent nation after the Indo-Pakistan war of?
  37. In which year did the Government of India nationalized 14 major private banks?
  38. Sunderban Delta is formed by which rivers?
  39. Chilka Lake is located in which state?
  40. Himalayan peak Kanchenjunga is situated at?
  41. Example of Inland drainage river is?
  42. Tropic of Cancer passes through which Indian states?
  43. Durban city is located in which continent?
  44. Which article of the Indian Constitution provided the provision of Vidhan Parishad in the state?
  45. After establishment of BJP, who became its first president?
  46. In which year was the Communist Party of India divided into two parties viz CPI and CPIM?
  47. Which committee recommended for three tier Panchayati Raj system in India?
  48. Under which Five Year Plan was the decision to establish a socialistic pattern of society taken?
  49. What was the industrial growth rate of India during 2013-14 with 2011-12 as the base year?
  50. Which among the following was not the profit making central public sector enterprise during 2013-14?
  51. When and where was the office of GATT established?
  52. Bhim Rao Ambedkar International Sports Stadium is situated in which city?
  53. Bonus line is marked in which of the following sports?
  54. Holkar trophy is associated with which sport?
  55. Black Pearl is related to which sport?
  56. Author of the book “One-day Wonders” is?
  57. Prabhash Joshi Award is given by Madhya Pradesh Government for which of the following Indian traditional sport?
  58. The word libro is used in which sport?
  59. Hockey India League started in which year?
  60. The Narmada Valley lies between which of the following mountain ranges?
  61. Narmada Valley is an example of?
  62. Birsinghpur Hydel Power Station is situated in what district of Madhya Pradesh?
  63. Malanjkhand in Madhya Pradesh is famous for what mineral?
  64. Bauxite is the ore of?
  65. The temple of Khajuraho were built by the rulers of which of the following dynasties?
  66. Dynasty famous for efficient rural administration was?
  67. Nimar festival is organized every year in Madhya Pradesh at?
  68. Gaur dance is associated with which tribe?
  69. Who among the following has been awarded Tansen Samman 2014?
  70. Which literary figure is not associated with Madhya Pradesh?
  71. Which area of Madhya Pradesh is known for White Tigers?
  72. The city located on the banks of river Betwa is?
  73. Word processing, spread sheet and photo editing are examples of?
  74. One byte has how many bits?
  75. Which of the following is not a connecting device?
  76. FTP stands for?
  77. Firewall is used in communication network/system for protection from?
  78. SMPS stands for?
  79. Slowest Internet Connection Service is?
  80. Offences are tried under the Protection of Civil Rights Act, 1955 by the court of?
  81. Who is held responsible for the offences committed by companies, under the Protection of Civil Rights Act 1955?
  82. Who is empowered for imposition and realization of collective fine under SC and ST (Prevention of Atrocities) Act 1989?
  83. Offence committed by any public servant under Section 3 of the SC and ST (Prevention of Atrocities) Act 1989 provides for minimum punishment of?
  84. Who is not a member of the committee for the appointment of Chairperson and members of the National Human Rights Commission?
  85. Chairperson and members of State Human Rights Commission are appointed by?
  86. Who among the following is not related with the philosophy of Vedanta?
  87. Famous Hazara temple of Vijayanagar was built during the reign of?
  88. Who was the Chairman of Advisory Committee on Fundamental Rights and Minorities constituted by the Constituent Assembly?
  89. Age for voting was reduced from 21 years to 18 years by which Constitutional Act?
  90. In which article of Indian Constitution the provision of Election Commission is mentioned/
  91. Rangrajan Committee was constituted for?
  92. What is the rank of India in Silk Production in the world?
  93. Organization related to Red Data Book or Red List is?
  94. Ozone Layer Preservation Day is celebrated on?
  95. Montreal Protocol is related to?
  96. Who among the following is regarded as the leader of Chipko Movement?
  97. Blue Baby Syndrome disease is caused by?
  98. Halophytes grow well in which type of soil?
  99. The coldest planet in the Solar system is?
  100. Size of the sun is how many times bigger than that of the Earth?

Download Links

General Studies Paper for English Medium Students

General Studies Paper for Hindi Medium Students

General Aptitude Test (CSAT) for English Medium Students

General Aptitude Test (CSAT) for Hindi Medium Students

Model Answer Key for SET A, B, C and D for both General Studies and General Aptitude Test: The answer key that you are going to download has been issued officially by MP public service commission. Keep in mind that 2 questions (out of 100) have been completely suspended/omitted from General Studies paper as they/their options were INCORRECT.

Important notes:

  • Set A, Set B, Set C and Set D contains exactly the same questions in all papers. Only their order differs in each set.
  • The papers which you are going to download are in PDF format and should open with any version of Adobe Reader.

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