Control Vuze Torrent Client Remotely using Mobile or Tablet

Do you know that you can control Vuze BitTorrent Client installed on your Computer (PC, Linux and Mac) remotely from anywhere using your Mobile Phone or Tablet device?


The client allows Remote Pairing over a Wi-Fi Network or any other existing network that your computer is using, so that you can carry out basic functions like Start, Stop, Delete and Add Torrent Files using your Mobile Device:

vuze on mobile tablet

How to pair the client with your Mobile Device?

1. Open Vuze Client on your PC >> Click on Tools Menu >> Select Remote Pairing. You will see following Window on your screen:

vuze remote pairing

Click on Next Button in order to get the Remote Pairing Access Code:

vuze remote pairing access code

2. Assuming you want to download Ubuntu torrent on your computer. Open in the browser of your Mobile device and enter the Access Code you got in above step:

pair vuze with mobile tablet

Now, click on Pair Vuze Remote Button and you will start seeing following interface:

vuze mobile

Whenever you Double Tap on any Torrent File present in the Vuze Library, you will see more information about the file you are downloading or seeding like its Hash value, Public or Private torrent information, Share Ratio, Download & Upload speed etc.

vuze mobile torrent

Also, if you want to control the client remotely using your web browser, then you need to download and install Remote Toolbar.

Important Notes:

  • If you get an error “Vuze isn’t accessible outside your local network”, then either your router doesn’t support UPnP and NAT-PMP OR you need to enable and configure one of these.
  • The client requires browser cookies to work, so you need to enable “Accept browser cookies”.
  • If you are using a Firewall, then make sure it is not blocking Vuze.
  • The torrent client and its Remote Pairing feature MUST be running whenever you want to establish a remote connection.

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It would be nice, if the control mechanism didn’t go outside LAN. As of now it is a ridiculous solution.

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