How to File Complaint against State Bank of India?

State Bank of India, a government owned bank, is the largest banking and financial services company in India because of its total assets value. While writing this post the bank is offering following services (products) to Indian citizens:

  • Premium Savings Account, Savings Plus Account, Yuva Savings Bank Account, Basic Savings Bank Account, Small Account, Savings Bank Accounts for Minors.
  • Current account.
  • Term deposit under SBI Tax Savings Scheme 2006, Reinvestment Plan, SBI MODS, Recurring Deposit, Annuity Deposit Scheme and SBI Flexi Deposit Scheme.
  • Capital Gain Scheme.
  • Home, Auto, Education, Personal, Gold, Career Loans, Loans Against Securities and Property.
  • Mobile banking, ATM, Debit Cards, Internet Banking, Foreign Inward Remittances, New Pension Scheme and Safe Deposit Locker.
  • More…

If you are facing some sort of problem with this bank’s product or you want to lodge a complaint against one of its employee, then lets check out in this post how to do so?

Keep in mind that in this post we will also learn how to file a complaint against this bank with Reserve Bank of India (under Banking Lokpal or Ombudsman Scheme of 2006) as a very last step. So it is very necessary that you should follow this guide very carefully:

Step 1: Approach your nearest branch of State Bank of India and tell them (front desk executive, person who look after their debit and credit cards department, branch manager etc.) your whole problem in WRITING. In your complaint letter clearly describe your problem either in Hindi or English (try not to write the letter in other languages because you may face problems at a later stage if you escalate your complaint) and don’t forget to write your full name, address, account number, fixed deposit number, credit or debit card number etc. related to your complaint.

Keep in mind that there’s NO rule that a customer can’t approach a branch manager directly. If you think that a lower level officer is not handling your complaint properly or showing rude attitude, then approach the branch manager directly. Also get a receiving copy of your complaint letter with sign and seal of the bank (example here and here) – This is a very important step. With your receiving copy, the bank may also provide you with a complaint number.

Now ask the bank about total number of days they may take to resolve your problem. Suppose their answer is 10 working days, then patiently wait for 10 working days. If your problem don’t get resolved within this period, then proceed to step number 2, instead of going to the branch again and again and wasting your precious time.

Step 2: Email Network Nodal Officer of your area (head office of your state) using the contact details provided HERE (keep in mind that the phone numbers and email addresses may get changed in future, so make sure that you see the updated list of Network Nodal Officer on the official website of SBI) and write your whole problem in details. Don’t forget to mention the complaint number which you got from the branch you visited earlier. If you want then you can also attach a scanned copy of the receiving letter in which you got the seal and sign of the bank or one of its employee.

Note: If you don’t have a scanner, then you can use CamScanner for Android or CamScanner for iOS to snap, crop and auto-enhance the snapped picture using your mobile device’s camera.

After sending your email to nodal officers of SBI, if your problem don’t gets solved within 5 days or you are not satisfied with their response/resolution, then head over to step 3.

Step 3: Write (email or send snail mail) to General Manager (NBG – Coordination) or Principal Nodal Officer of State Bank of India using the contact details provided at the bottom of THIS PAGE (email address mentioned HERE – keep in mind that the email may change in future). Make sure you fully describe your problem, send necessary files and state the reason why you are not satisfied by the resolution of their nodal officers.

Your problem should get resolved at this stage. But if your problem don’t get resolved even after sending a complaint to the GM or you are not satisfied by his response, then it’s time to knock on the doors of Reserve Bank of India – One of the most powerful regulator of Government of India.

Step 4: When you are writing a complaint letter to RBI Ombudsman, always include following details:

  • Your full name and address.
  • Full Address and Area of Operation of Banking Ombudsman – Visit THIS PAGE for a complete list of RBI’s Ombudsman Centers. Keep in mind that you are required to send your complaint to that RBI center where your bank is located, not where you are currently living. For example, if your bank is located at Indore, Madhya Pradesh and you are living at Pune, Maharashtra, then you should send your complaint to RBI Bhopal, not to RBI Mumbai. Keep in mind that if you don’t send your complaint letter or email to proper center, then your complaint may get fully rejected.
  • Subject of your complaint which should include the name of your bank.
  • Body of your complaint – You should clearly describe your problem, write your account numbers/credit or debit card number etc. Also write about why you are not satisfied with the resolution provided by SBI. You may also want to include your PAN Card Number, Aadhar Card Number, Driving License number etc.
  • Scanned/xerox copies of necessary documents like your account statement, deposit certificates, previous email conversations with various departments of the bank, receiving copy of the complaint letter etc. related to your complaint.

Once you have sent your complaint to RBI, you will get your unique complaint number (example here) after some days/months depending on the type of medium (email or snail mail) you used to send them your complaint. If due to some reason they don’t accept your complaint, then they may send you a letter/email stating the reason of rejection.

RBI may take 30 to 90 days (can be more) to investigate on your complaint. They may even force the bank to give you proper resolution/answer.

I sincerely hope that this guide helps you in resolving your problems with State Bank of India. If not then you may want to go to consumer forum/court or take advice from a good lawyer in your area.

Important notes:

  • If your attachments are very large, then you can host them on the cloud storage service providers like on Dropbox, Google Drive etc.
  • A “consumer forum” is not a judicial entity, while a “consumer court” is.
  • The Banking Ombudsman can accept your grievances related to certain deficiencies in banking services only. All those deficiencies are listed on THIS PAGE.
  • If you are facing problem with SBI’s Credit Card department, then you need to first contact the nodal officer using THIS PAGE and then contact Banking Ombudsman.
  • In case you are facing problems with SBI’s demat account department, then you need to register your complaints on SCORES (SEBI) website. There is no need to send your grievances to RBI.



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Today I’m going to sbi branch jagraon (sbin0000655) for Chaque drop. Here guard sardar Ji unexpected behavior show with me for voucher. I’m saying to his sardar Ji but he says ‘tu’ word. This type of man is employee of sbi, i am shocked. I am not prefer sbi bank for good bank.


This is regarding my father’s account #, I tried to withdraw my father bearer cheque but accountant denied to make payment for amount of 24000.she informed that they need copy of my ID card and sign behind the cheque. It is been 3 year I have been receiving money from my father’ account without this information. So tried to talk to bank manager. But she also denied to make payment and did misbehave with me she call guard and he also warned me to leave bank immediately.

Generally this branch does not help to there customer but this day the worst experience I had.

I called your customer service department they did not help me out as well

This site is maintained by an individual not State Bank of India. If they are insisting for your ID card then show them your ID card.

I dont know what do sbi employees think of themselves. They should keep in mind that they are kept to look after our money. They are kept to count our money and pay it to us whenever it is asked. Most Employees of sbi usually behaves rudely with their customers as if the customers are asking money form the employees accounts. Who had given them the right to misbehave with the customers?? Just file a case if any of the so called govt servant of sbi misbehave with you……let him/her understand their status……

A separate grievances cell against the govt servant of banks should be opened by RBI for looking after this kind of offences. Acton should be taken immediately without delay.

In short
Waste of time dealing with STATE BANK OF INDIA.
They are very unprofessional bank and watch out your money is not safe with this bank if you cannot prove it’s not your fault.
They will take you for a long ride to extort money from you regardless your status

Yes, STATE BANK OF INDIA is the most Unprofessional Bank with Unprofessional so called “Officers”. They act arrogant, stupid and idiotic with customers to hide their incapability and ignorance. They can hardly understand customers requirements or needs and the bitter truth is “they are surviving because of the customers accounts and deposits”. Even the other Banks who were customer friendly with approachable officers, are helpless being merged with State Bank of India.
Never to trust State Bank of India. The have very poor cyber security and bunch of criminals are enjoying the customers money. Loosing Rs.20,000/= with in a day due to their own carelessness, we are running post to pillar and no use of branch managers, customer care, grievance , network nodal officers etc. With so much of pain of loosing the money when we approached the SBI officers in various branches:
1. They are too busy chatting about some local issues
2. No one available, a long tea break for them
3. Highly professional banking officers struggling to operate computers
4. The whole place was at chaos with officers and customers yelling at each other
5. The security guard, clerk and peons acting smarter than manager
6. Very busy with mobile phone -person talk and chats.
7. Attending first to the known people (relatives and friends)
8. No time to listen to customer but busy with gossips
9. The place was suffocating and stinking due to lack of ventilation
Conclusion: No matter even loosing the money but never step in to most DISGUSTING STATE BANK OF INDIA …Hats off to State Bank of India for making the customers run away and never to return !!!!

I have an account in a SBI branch of Punjab. Due to job requirements I have to travel to other districts of punjab. But whenever I go to some other branch of SBI to get cash through cheque or print passbook, then the staff there denies and says to visit the home branch. Please provide me solution regarding this because I think in Digital India I have freedom to access my account in any branch of SBI.

I am a Non Resident Indian holding NR bank account with HDFC bank (Lanka Branch, Varanasi, Uttar Pradesh).

On 14th November 2017 I initiated an online fund transfer from my HDFC NRO A/C of INR.10,000.00 to an account number 30208682371 (Beneficiary name: XYZ).

However due to a mistake the IFSC code entered was that of SBI, Kurnool Bzr Branch (SBIN0001836) instead of SBIN0001868 (DLW Branch, Varanasi, Uttar Pradesh).

Upon realizing this mistake I waited for a certain period of time hoping that due to non-matching of information (IFSC code + BENEFICIARY NAME + ACCOUNT NUMBER) the fund might be reversed. However when this did not happen I contacted my bank i.e. HDFC bank through email and informed them on 20th November 2017. They confirmed in writing to me, on numerous occasions, that they have already informed the concerned SBI branch and awaiting the consent of the SBI customer in whose account this money has been deposited.

How is that possible that a customer with same name, same account number exists in another IFSC code. And why is there delay in reverting my money. Why the bank needs the consent of this customer ?

After waiting for almost 4 months now I approached the SBI Kurnool bzr through their email id: and explained them the problem and requested their intervention but no action even after sending them 4 reminder.
Then i approached RBI banking ombudsmen with my grievance through their email id: (Andhra Pradesh jurisdiction) but no reply.

now I don’t know what else i should do. Can you please advise.

Hello, your case is very weird! A customer with same name and same account number shouldn’t exist in another branch of same bank. I will suggest you to:

1. First Contact Nodal Officer of SBI (both LUCKNOW and HYDERABAD):

2. Send your complaint to RBI Ombudsman of Both Kanpur and Hyderabad via snail mail:

If you don’t get any satisfactory response or resolution then you need to approach court.

Thank you for your advise. Already written email to those offices. Let’s see how it goes.

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