If you have fixed deposited your hard earned money with Jaiprakash Associates Limited (aka JP Associates Limited) or Jaypee Infratech Limited in the past, and your fixed deposit has already matured somewhere in the year 2014 or 2015 or 2016, but the company still hasn’t issued you a repayment warrant, then lets check out in this post how to file a complaint against this company with Ministry of Corporate Affairs (MCA), Government of India using pgportal.


[10-July-2017] I came to know from various investors that the company has started paying PRINCIPAL amount via ECS and cheque. This is a good NEWS for EVERYONE. I hope the company also pays PENDING and DELAYED PERIOD INTEREST as well.

If you are a senior citizen then you can invest your money with Senior Citizen Savings Scheme (SCSS) Account offered by India Post. I have also opened the comments area of this post, feel free to post your comments if there’s any. Good Luck.



It’s becoming very hard for me to track frequent updates and orders on Jaypee Infratech and Jaypee Associates and I need your help. I will stop updating this post if I don’t get any help from your side!

I suggest everyone to join THIS TELEGRAM GROUP using your computer or smart device. Just download Telegram Desktop or Mobile app using THIS LINK and create an account using your mobile number. Once you have created an account just join the group using THIS LINK.

Keep in mind that I have created above group so that we all can track latest developments and orders for this company in real time. The group is not meant for cursing the company OR for general chatting.


Update 14: Wait until 31 March 2017 and then read IMPORTANT UPDATE above. All the best.

Update 13: Latest Update for “Jaypee Associates” can be found here – It seems like this is a GOOD NEWS for investors.

Update 12: New update on “Jaypee Infratech” can be found HERE – Thanks to Mr. Kaushal for keeping us updated. Your help is greatly appreciated.

Update 11: I came to know that the registrar of “Jaypee Infratech” (and probably “Jaypee Associates”) is Link Intime India Pvt. Ltd. You should contact the registrar (Mumbai address) either via phone or email using this page: http://linkintime.co.in/website/ContactUs.aspx to know the repayment status of your FDR.

Update 10: Allahabad Bench of NCLT has given 2 weeks extension to Jaypee Infratech Limited as per THIS ORDER.

Update 9: Try to regularly visit NCLT’s official website for future updates/orders.

Update 8 (7/8/2016): As per THIS ORDER by NCLT, “Jai Prakash Associates” has got extension till 31/03/2017 – Read the full order carefully and have patience.

Update 7 (20/7/2016): IGNORE Update 4 Below and check THIS ORDER for “Jaypee Infratech” dated 31-3-2016 where CLB has granted extension to the company.

Update 6: HERE’s the extension order for “Jai Prakash Associates” where CLB has granted extension to the company.

Update 5 (25/May/2016): Our case has been CLOSED by ROC. I am not sure but maybe there’s a CLB order that WE are unable to find on the internet. Maybe they have issued an order that is not available online.

[IGNORE THIS UPDATE and SEE UPDATE 7 ABOVE] Update 4 (18/May/2016)HERE’s the latest response that the company (Jaypee Infratech) has sent to some complainants of Update 3 below.

Note: I requested some visitors of this blog post to send a scanned copy of the letter which they have received. Above letter is one of them. Regarding my family member’s complaint, we haven’t received any response from the company yet. Keep in mind that our issue is probably different than yours. We want interest for delayed payment. We have already got our repayment warrant in the year 2015.

While writing this update on 18/May/2016, I as well as some other people, who have commented in the comments section of this post, are unable to find any repayment extension order dated 31/03/2016 for Jaypee Infratech on the official website of CLB (see here OR here)! Even Google is unable to find any such order on the official website of CLB!

Important Note: If you think that we all made an error and an order dated 31/03/2016 exists and you can find it then please contact me using the Contact Page and I will update this post as fast as I can!

Now you have following 3 options:

  • Open a complaint again with MCA/ROC using pgportal.gov.in (DON’T email them directly if you have their email address) and tell them about the response that company has sent you and why you are not satisfied by their response. You should also mention your past reference number that was allotted to you by the portal in the body of your complaint. Also try to attach the scanned copy of the letter that you have received from the company.
  • Talk to a lawyer. Keep in mind that the lawyer may take some consultation fees. You can also make use of this PAID forum to get online advice from a knowledgeable lawyer: https://www.kaanoon.com/ask-a-lawyer.
  • Wait till 30/09/2016, if you can wait.

If there’s any more LEGAL option available then feel free to email me and I will update this post.

Update 3: ROC UP/UK has filed a complaint against Jaypee Infratech Limited on 22-April-2016. You can view the complaint letter HERE.

Update 2: Check out the UPDATE on this post – The information provided there may help you in claiming your stuck deposits.

Update 1: My family member has received his fixed deposit repayment warrant from the company and thanks to MCA and ROC, UP and Uttarakhand, we have also received interest for 7 months delayed payment (see screenshots here, here and here). From our personal experience with MCA, the only suggestion that we have for YOU is to HAVE PATIENCE. Things in our country gets sorted out slowly, so don’t give up. Our system works but it’s slow.

If MCA/ROC closes your complaint stating some reason, then wait for few months and open same complaint again with them. Don’t give up, you need to fight!

Also after my family’s experience with Jaypee and Unitech, we have decided NOT TO invest in private companies anymore just because they are giving exceptionally high interest rate! We have all decided that we will only deposit/invest our money with:

  • Nationalized Banks like SBIAllahabad Bank etc. – Nationalized banks comes under Reserve Bank of India’s Ombudsman Scheme, if there’s any problem.
  • Certain reputed private banks like HDFC etc. – Private banks also comes under Reserve Bank of India’s Ombudsman Scheme, if there’s any problem.
  • Post Office like Kisan Vikas Patra, MIS scheme etc. – In case of any issue, Post Office comes under Department of Posts.
  • Systematic Investment Plans aka SIP (after doing proper research) – Problem? Contact SEBI i.e. Securities and Exchange Board of India.
  • Life Insurance Corporation of India – Comes under IRDA i.e. Insurance Regulatory and Development Authority.

We will also suggest all the readers of this blog post that DON’T LISTEN to COMMISSION AGENTS at all. They make huge commission by depositing your hard earned money with private companies and insurance firms. Chances are very high that they will only tell you those schemes and plans which benefits (schemes and plans that pays high commission) them NOT you or your family members. Don’t blindly invest your money just by listening to the recommendations of an agent. Do your own research and if necessary personally go to the office of the company/firm where you’d like to invest.

While investing your money, some of you may not even fill or read the form! What you do is just sign the form and give it to an Agent. DON’T do this, unless you are illiterate or are suffering from some disability which don’t allow you to read as well as write! Carefully read all the details as well as terms and conditions that are mentioned in the form and then fill the form yourself.

Important notes:

  • I NEVER write these type of posts directly against a company, but this particular company has crossed all its limit. If you email them (to each and every email ID listed on their official website) they never bother replying to you. If you call them then the line is either busy or they will simply hang up the phone or will say that they have got repayment extension from CLB! I know that the company is under huge debt, but this doesn’t mean that the company should ignore its investors.
  • Keep in mind that while writing this post my own complaint with MCA is under processing. I may update this post regarding the final outcome. – See updates above.

Before you lodge a complaint with MCA, you should keep following documents/information ready with you:

  • Fixed Deposit Receipt (FDR) Number of all the deposits which have already matured in the year 2014/2015/2016.
  • Scanned/xerox copy of original fixed deposit receipt.
  • Exact name of the company i.e. “Jaiprakash Associates Limited” or “Jaypee Infratech limited” in which you invested your money. Don’t just write “Jaypee Group” as otherwise your complaint will get rejected by the ministry. MCA needs exact name of the company in which you have invested your money. In case you have invested your money with both “Jaiprakash Associates Limited” and “Jaypee Infratech limited”, then you may need/want to open 2 separate complaints with the ministry.
  • Exact figure in INR which you invested in each FD.
  • Due or Maturity date.
  • Any other relevant documents related to your FD.

Follow these steps in order to lodge a complaint with Ministry of Corporate Affairs:

1. Go to the official website of Grievance Redress Mechanism in Government and click on Lodge your Grievances here written under Citizen Corner:

lodge complaint

2. The immediate next page will ask you to select either Public Grievance or Pension Grievance. Select Public Grievance and you will be redirected to the next page:

public grievance

3. On the next page enter/select following details:

  • Select Central Government Ministries/Departments for Grievance Pertains to.
  • Select Ministry of Corporate Affairs using the drop down menu. A box may pop-up which will tell you if your complaint is related to a particular issue then you should file your complaint with this authority and if it’s related to some other issue then you should file your complaint with that authority. Scroll down to the bottom of the box and click on Cancel button to lodge your complaint directly with MCA.
  • Enter the name of investor, whose name is written on the FDR and whose money is stuck with the company.
  • If you want to set a password for your grievance, then click on Yes and enter your preferred password twice and a password clue (for recollecting your password!). Try not to forget this password as otherwise you won’t be able to check the status of your grievance in future.
  • Enter your full correspondence address with Pin code, State, District and Country.
  • Enter your Phone Number. You are not required to enter 0 (zero) or + (plus sign) before your number. All you need to do is to enter your country code and then type your full phone number. Example: 919999912345.
  • Enter your Mobile Number. Here also you are not required to enter 0 (zero) or + (plus sign) before your number. All you need to do is to enter the ISD code of your country and then type your full phone number. Example: 917878754321. Keep in mind that this mobile number will be used to send you SMS alerts related to your grievance.
  • Type your active email address. This email will be used to send you email alerts related to your grievance.
  • Select Financial Services using the drop-down menu for Grievance category. If you would like to select some other category depending on the nature of your complaint then feel free to do so.

4. Now enter your full complaint within 4000 characters in the next text box. In the body of the complaint you are not allowed to enter special characters like ^ [ ^ { } ` ~ | ^ & # ! \ [ \ ] < > ] $ in any case. Try to write your full grievance as plainly as possible.

Again don’t forget to mention following things in your complaint:

  • Exact name of the company in which you have invested your money.
  • Address of the company as printed in your FDR.
  • FDR numbers.
  • Amount invested in each FDR.
  • Deposit and Maturity dates.
  • Your identity proof like your PAN number, Aadhaar card number etc.

You are now required to provide any past reference number and date of reference in the next field provided. If you haven’t lodged any complaint with pgportal before about the same issue, then leave this field empty.

7. If you want to attach a PDF file with your complaint then select Yes, else select No. If you select Yes, then you will be able to upload a PDF file stored on your computer’s hard drive. Keep in mind that the maximum size of a PDF file that you can upload is 4 MB.

I will highly suggest you to upload a PDF document with your complaint. You can either scan related documents using a real scanner or if you have a smartphone or tablet device then you can use CamScanner for Android or CamScanner for iOS OR CamScanner for Windows Phone. The software is capable of instantly converting your captured images into a PDF file.

In the PDF file (check how to merge PDF files) include a copy of your FDR, emails/letters that you have sent to the company in the past and other important but relevant documents (like how you sent your FDR to the company for claiming repayment warrant after maturity) depending on the nature of your complaint. Keep in mind that whatever documents you include in the PDF file, its size should not exceed 4 MB.

8. Now type a simple captcha code present at the bottom of the page. Now before clicking on the Submit button, make sure that all the facts mentioned by you in the form are true to best of your knowledge and belief.

9. Once you have successfully submitted your complaint, the system will provide you with a unique registration number. You will also receive your unique registration number via email and text message.

Important notes:

  • Before you lodge your complaint, you may also want to check out these links: Grievance Redress Flow Chart and Guidelines for Redress of Public Grievances. You can find more important information/links in the left sidebar of pgportal.gov.in.
  • You can track the status of your complaint using this link. On this page you are required to enter your unique registration number, password (if any) and type a simple captcha code.
  • If you want to lodge a reminder/clarification related to your previously registered complaint, then make use of this link. On this page also you are required to enter your registration number, password and type a simple captcha code.
  • If MCA rejects your complaint, then they will mention the reason at the bottom of the grievance page. You can always re-submit your complaint by making necessary changes/providing more information.
  • If you want to directly contact Nodal officer of a particular department/ministry, then make use of this page. On this page you will be able to find the name, designation, correspondence address, email and phone number of various nodal officers of central government. In our case you need to contact Ministry of Corporate Affairs.
  • After you have registered your complaint with MCA, the ministry will probably forward your complaint to Registrar of Companies (ROC) Uttar Pradesh and Uttarakhand, because the company in located in Noida, Uttar Pradesh.
  • Don’t SPAM on this website as your IP address will be logged.
  • We also tried contacting Company Law Board (CLB) in the past, but never got any response from their side – This is the reason why we directly sent our complaint to MCA.
  • If you are also posting your complaints against this company on some so called consumer complaints/forum websites on the internet, then they are not going to help you in any way.
  • If you want any further information/clarifications, then you should directly contact Public Grievances Officers, not us.