Rollip: Create Beautiful Polaroid or Vintage Photos Online

Do you remember Polaroid Camera? These type of cameras used to have a Self Developing film, which used to produce photographs as soon as a shot was taken. The camera used to make people very curious regarding How the final photograph will look? But, with the advent of Digital Photography, people started to move towards Digital Cameras and completely forgot Polaroid Cameras!

polaroid photo

If you are looking for an online service that allows you to create Polaroid photos, then Rollip is the best choice for you. The service can convert any image taken from your digital camera into Polaroids almost instantly. Currently the service supports following photo filters:

rollip polaroid photo

  • Vintage Yellow
  • Soft Colors
  • Vintage Express
  • Vintage Sundown
  • Hot Day
  • Natural
  • Old Photo
  • Purple Glow
  • Sepia
  • Soft Lens
  • Dark
  • Sunset
  • Cool blue
  • Focus Lens
  • 70′ Green
  • Carbon Copy
  • Vintage Lens
  • Grey Coloring
  • Blueish Lens
  • Blue Lighter
  • Lighter Lens
  • Grainy Sepia
  • Line Drawn
  • Water Colors
  • Exposed Green
  • Vintage Green
  • Funky
  • Neon
  • Wallpaper
  • Greener
  • Purple Dotted
  • Colorless Dots
  • Bold B&W
  • Sunny Glow
  • Hand Drawn
  • Stone Washed
  • Glowing Blue
  • Scan lines
  • Painter
  • Pixels
  • Purple Paint

All you need to do is to go to Rollip’s Photo Filter Page and select your desired Photo Effect. The next page will ask you to upload an image from your computer hard drive. As soon as the image has been uploaded, the effect will be instantly applied and you will see further enhancement options:


  • Change Photo Overlay – Allows you to add more effects to your image like Glitter, Glow, Hearts, Lightning etc.
  • Change Photo Border
  • Choose another filter – You will be taken back to filter page, where you can choose some other effect. No re-uploading of image required!
  • Set Photo Text
  • Download photo / Process in original size

You can also share your created Polaroids on Facebook and Twitter OR get a direct download link. Also, the service doesn’t requires any registration or logging in.

Feel free to check out some amazing Polaroids in this Flickr Group which have been created using Rollip.