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BSNL Broadband FUP & High Speed Data Packs

You may already know that starting 1st of October 2015, BSNL will automatically upgrade your internet connection speed from 512 kbps to minimum 2 Mbps, until you exceed your Fair Usage Policy (FUP) limit. Once you have exceeded your FUP limit, BSNL will start redirecting almost all domains (except Google, Gmail etc.) in your web browser to an IP address which will show you following message:

fup exceeded

Dear customer since you have exceeded the fair usage limit provided as per your opted plan. You will be able to browse with the reduced speed from now on. However you can browse at the higher speed by appropriately adding/upgrading a voucher.

The page will also show you 2 buttons that says UPGRADE or DECLINE. Let’s check out what happens when you click on these buttons:

If you click on upgrade button, then you will be redirected to a page where you can purchase additional high speed data packs for your broadband connection. While writing this post following are the high speed packs that you can purchase for your connection:

bsnl packs

  • 2 GB for INR 100 (exclusive of Service tax).
  • 5 GB for INR 200 (exclusive of Service tax).
  • 10 GB for INR 300 (exclusive of Service tax).
  • 20 GB for INR 500 (exclusive of Service tax).

select pack

Using the drop down menu, select the pack that you want to purchase and click on top up button. You will be redirected to a page where BSNL’s server will show you a message that your purchase has been successful. Keep in mind that the data transfer quota will expire after exhausting the data usage quota opted by you or at the end of the month, whichever is earlier.

Also before you purchase a pack, you might see an error in your browser which says:

your connection is not private

Your connection is not private. Attackers might be trying to steal your information from <IP address> (for example passwords, messages or credit cards). NET:ERR_CERT_COMMON_NAME_INVALID

If you see above error then you should ignore this error as you are not going to enter any sensitive information like your credit/debit card number, net banking username or password etc on subsequent pages. Click on the Advanced hyperlink and then click on Proceed to <IP addresses> (unsafe).

Important Note:

  • If your pack purchase is successful, then BSNL will show you this message in your browser: Dear Customer, Thanks for choosing speed restoration plan. You will be charged in the next bill. Please restart your modem to browse with higher speed as per your plan.
  • As you can see in above message the pack amount will be added to your next bill and you are not required to enter any personal/bank related information in your web browser. So it’s completely safe to bypass your connection is not private error.
  • You will have to restart your MODEM after your purchase to start using high speed data pack.

In case you do not want to purchase high speed data pack and want to continue browsing at low speed, then click on Decline button and you will see following message in your browser:


Since you have declined to opt for the “speed restoration” from now onwards & till the end of the month, You shall be able to browse at reduced speed as per your broadband plan.

To continue browsing with reduced speed PLEASE RESTART YOUR MODEM.

If you have missed an opportunity to avail FUP-SPEED restoration plan Please Click here Again <PROCEED TO TOP-UP HYPERLINK>.

Want to TopUp later, Please save & use below link <IP ADDRESS>.

Please visit for tariff details. Kind regards BSNL Broadband.


  • After you click on the DECLINE button, you may see lots of connection timeout messages in your browser. But you should continue clicking on the Decline button, as otherwise you won’t be able to use the internet on your computer/tablet/mobile device/gaming console (Xboss, PlayStation etc.).
  • After you click the decline button, it’s very necessary to reboot your router.
  • If you see a 1003 error in your browser, then you should keep refreshing the page or press on back button to try again.
  • The IP addresses that you are seeing in above screenshots may not work for you. You may have to use a completely different IP address.