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Want to Buy DTH Connection? Buy it from Amazon India

Update: Originally I wrote this post about purchasing Tata Sky online for cheap on Amazon India. However on, you will also be able to purchase Dish TV, AirTel Digital TV, Videocon d2h and certain other DTH connections lower than the market price.

I have personally used/seen almost all DTH services operating in Northern India, but when it comes to quality, cost and customer care no service can beat Tata Sky. If you are looking to buy Tata Sky (set top box, antenna and other accessories) online, then you should buy it from Amazon India because of the following main reasons:

  • On Amazon India the cost of Tata Sky HD as well as SD connection is almost 30-40% lower than the market price (price listed on the official website).
  • The installation is done by a person who’s working with authorized installation team of Tata Sky in your city.
  • The dish antenna, set top box, digicard and other accessories like AV/HDMI cable will be brand new and box packed.
  • While writing this post Tata Sky will give you 10 meters of wire. If you need extra wire then you will have to pay extra depending on the charges set by the provider. Keep in mind that you are not required to pay the amount in cash to anyone, money will be deducted from your Tata Sky account at a later stage.
  • You will get your subscriber ID as soon as the order is confirmed.
  • You will get standard 1 year warranty from Tata Sky.
  • There are NO hidden costs or hidden terms and conditions if you buy your connection from Amazon.

Follow these steps in order to buy Tata Sky from Amazon India:

1. Go to the official website of Amazon India and search for Tata Sky HD, if you want to buy a high definition STB for your TV OR search for TATA SKY STANDARD, if you want to buy a standard definition STB (useful if you are using an old television which is compatible only with AV cable).

Note: You can use AV cable with your HD STB, but keep in mind that if you purchase a HD STB, then it will come only with a HDMI cable. You will have to purchase an AV cable separately.

2. Carefully see the price of each listed product on the search results page. If sellers on Amazon are offering some sort of monthly/yearly channel pack with your new connection, then the price of that particular product will be high compared to standard standalone installation of antenna and STB:

search result

Note: These type of offers for DTH are not Fulfilled by Amazon, however there is no need to worry if you purchasing your connection from a top rated seller.

Once you are sure about which product (antenna + STB + optional channel pack) you would like to purchase, open its product page and try to read the reviews of other users who have bought the same product in the past. If a particular product don’t contain any past reviews, then you may want to look for some other product or buy the product at your own risk.

3. If you are satisfied by the reviews, then click on the number of offers under other sellers on Amazon in the right sidebar to see a full list of all the sellers offering the product of your choice:


You will now see the price plus delivery charges listed by all the sellers for the product you are willing to buy. I will highly suggest you to buy your TATA SKY connection from a seller who has very high percentage of positive rating as well as total number of ratings.

4. Once you have decided that you would like to purchase your DTH connection from a particular seller, click on add to cart button present in front of the name of the seller and the product will be added to your shopping cart:


5. Head over to your shopping cart and click on checkout button. The immediate next page will ask you to select or enter your shipping address. Once you have selected/entered your shipping address, the next page will ask you to enter/select your payment mode which can be either a credit card or a debit card or net banking:

payment method

6. Click on the Continue button and you will be redirected to Review your Order page where you’d be able to see/verify following details:

  • Delivery Address.
  • Payment Method.
  • Billing Address.
  • Field for entering Gift cards, Voucher & Promotional codes.
  • Estimated delivery date and time.
  • Final amount (may include shipping charges) that you are required to pay.

7. Click on Place your Order and Pay and you will be redirected to your bank’s payment gateway where you need to authenticate your online transaction. If your payment authentication is successful, your order will be complete and you will receive a confirmation email from Amazon that they have successfully received the order.

8. After some hours or 1/2 days you may receive an email or call from the seller who will tell you the possible date and time for the installation of your connection. They will also provide you with a number to which you need to call if you need to contact the seller directly for any type of query or concern.

9. Authorized technicians will visit your home and your connection will be professionally installed and your STB will be configured. You can start viewing your favorite TV shows as soon as they are gone!

Important notes:

  • Make sure that you measure the length of the wire with a measuring tape before installation. Don’t listen to the technician about the length of the wire that he has brought with himself. Measure the length yourself or you may get fooled.
  • After installation, login to your Tata Sky account using your subscriber ID or Registered Mobile Number (RMN) and carefully check all your account related details like Primary Contact Details, Service Address Details, Set Top Box Details and Transaction History. If any information is wrong or don’t match, then you need to either edit that particular detail yourself OR you need to contact Tata Sky Customer Care from your RMN.
  • The information contained in this post may get obsolete anytime, so don’t take anything written above for granted. Always contact Amazon/seller/DTH provider if you need any help.

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