There are many popular websites on the internet that are specifically uploading files to,,,, (aka etc. Such files can be downloaded onto your computer’s hard drive only if you are using a premium account with these sites.

While writing this post a 30 days premium account with above mentioned sites are going to cost you as follows:

  • $12.95
  • Tezfiles: $13.99
  • Bytewhale: $13.95
  • Fboom: $12.95
  • Upstore: $12.65

Also as per my best information there’s NO free/limited (in terms of file size) premium link generator (or debrid) service on the internet that allows you to download files from above mentioned file sharing websites. So what’s the solution to this problem?

As of now there’s NO free solution to this problem, but there’s definitely a cheaper one which is known as (aka Rapid8 or This website allows you to transload premium files from the server of all the above mentioned file sharing sites to your grab8 premium account.

While writing this post a 30 days grab8 premium account is going to cost you $7.99 and a single account allows you to download files from all the above mentioned file hosts. You can pay them by using your PayPal account or Bitcoin. You can also purchase your account from a reseller of grab8, however keep in mind that resellers are always going to charge you a bit more.

How to download files with grab8?

I have already written a detailed tutorial on how to use grab8? But for the sake of this post I am going to write again the download part. Follow these steps in order to transload files using your grab8 premium account:

1. First of all try to create a new account on grab8. Signups randomly opens for few hours everyday, so you may want to visit the website multiple times a day. If you are able to create an account on grab8, the service will immediately ask you to upgrade your free account to a premium one.

Once you have made the payment, you need to wait for few hours for your account to get activated. As per my best information the activation process is manual, so have patience.

2. Once your account gets activated, you are required to go to your premium download page whose URL looks something like following:

premium url

3. Head over to your premium download page and login once again using the same credentials that you entered on the homepage of the service. If your login is successful, the service will ask you to enter the file URL that you want to transload:


4. Enter the URL in the Link to Transload field and click on Transload file button. Your file will instantly start transloading to your premium account with full speed:

transload complete

5. Once the file has been fully downloaded onto your server’s hard drive, you will be able to find your file under My files tab:

my files

Just click on the file and it should start downloading instantly onto your computer’s hard drive. If you’d like to learn more features of grab8 service, then feel free to check out THIS POST.