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How to Pay LIC of India Policy Premium Online?

If you have a policy with Life Insurance Corporation of India and would like to pay its premium online, then let’s check out in this post how to do so?

Important Note: As per the official rule of LIC of India your ONLINE premium can be paid 30 days in advance from the due date of your policy. Also if due to some reason your policy has been lapsed, then online payment for such policy can’t be made at all. Under such conditions you are required to go to your nearest LIC office and pay your policy premium in person.

First of all if you do not have an account with LIC of India then you can register for your personalized account using THIS LINK – This particular link can be directly accessed from the homepage of LIC’s website by clicking on NEW USER blue button in the right sidebar.

The immediate next page page will ask you to enter following details:


  • Policy number: You are required to enter your policy number accurately in this field. Policy number is generally printed in the policy document that you get after successfully signing up for a policy OR in previous year premium receipts. In case you are unable to find your policy number then you need to contact your agent or nearest office of LIC of India.
  • Installment Premium (without taxes): Enter your policy’s premium amount exactly in this field. Keep in mind that this amount must be exclusive of any government taxes. Premium amount is also printed in your policy document.
  • Date of birth: Using the calendar enter the date of birth in dd-mm-yyyy format that is printed in your policy document. Keep in mind that if due to some reason your original date of birth is different from what is printed in your policy document, then still you will have to enter your date of birth that is printed in your document only. You can always give an application for change of date of birth with necessary document proof to your nearest LIC office at a later stage or contact your agent directly.
  • Email ID: Enter the email ID which you want to associate with your policy. Make 100% sure that the email address is fully active and you can log into your inbox without any problem.

Click on proceed button and the server will verify your entered details especially your policy number, policy premium and date of birth. If the entered information matches with the information that is present on the server of LIC, then the next page will ask to create your user ID and password:

create user id password

You can enter anything of your choice in the User ID field, but for the next field i.e. password I will highly suggest you to opt for a secure password using THIS GUIDE. Once your signup is successful, we’re now ready to proceed with your premium payment. Follow these steps in order to do so:

1. On the homepage of LIC of India, click on Online services blue button and then click on registered user.

2. The next page (Direct Link) will ask you to enter your user ID and password. It may also ask you to complete a challenge response test also known as CAPTCHA to verify that you are a human not a bot. Click on submit button and if the entered credentials are correct, then you will be redirected to your personalized customer dashboard:

lic dashboard

3. On the dashboard page click on Pay Premium Online hyperlink under customer services in the right sidebar and the next page will ask you to select your policy type which can be either conventional policy or ULIP (Unit Linked Insurance Plan)/Health Policy:

policy type

The website will also ask you your premium paying options which can be either the renewal premium or the additional (top-up) premium. Depending on the type of policy you have opted and the premium you’d like to play, select your policy type and your premium option and click on submit button. The next page will show you following information about your policy:

policy details

  • Policy number: This will be your policy number for which you are going to pay online premium in the next step. In case there are multiple policies in your name, then you will see multiple policy numbers under this table column.
  • Premium due date or FUP (First Unpaid Premium): This table column shows you your premium due date. This information is also present in your policy document. You need to pay your premium before this date so that you can avoid any late fees (fine).
  • Premium amount: This table column shows you your premium amount that you are required to pay for your policy. This amount is always exclusive of all government taxes.
  • Installment: If you have opted to pay your premium YEARLY, then you will see 1 (one) written under this column and if you have opted to pay your premium HALF YEARLY then you will see 2 (two) written under this column.
  • Taxes: If any service tax or education cess is applicable on your policy then you will see those taxes under this column.
  • Late fees: If any late fees is applicable on your policy then you will see the fine amount under this column heading.
  • Total amount: Total amount will be your Premium amount + taxes that you will have to pay to LIC of India for your policy.

Check the Pay Prm (Pay Premium) check box in front of your policy number and click on Submit button and you will be redirected to the next step.

4. The next page will show you a list of all the payment gateways using which you can pay your premium online. While writing this post LIC of India supports following gateways:

payment gateway

  • Billdesk.
  • IDBI.
  • IMPS Payment Gateway.
  • LIC may add more gateways in future.

Above mentioned gateways supports premium payment via internet banking, AMEX card, RuPay card, MasterCard/Visa credit cards and debit cards.

Select your preferred gateway/payment mode and then click on YES button. You will now get redirected to your selected gateway’s page:

online payment

Important notes:

  • Premium should be paid on the policy in your name only.
  • If the premium amount is deducted from your bank account or credit card but an error page is displayed then a digitally signed receipt will be sent to your email ID in 3 working days after receiving confirmation from your bank. If receipt is not received within 2 to 3 days, then you are required to report such occurrence to your nearest LIC office or contact LIC customer care of your zone by means of your phone. Before contacting LIC make 100% sure that the amount has been debited from your bank account/credit card and it’s reflecting in your statement. If the amount has been successfully debited then do not try to pay your premium again just to get a receipt! Contact LIC and they will send you your receipt.

5. On payment gateway’s page enter your credit/debit card number (including your card’s expiry date and CVV/CVC code) OR select net banking and then enter your net banking login credentials on the official website of your bank. Carefully verify following details before making the final payment:

imps payment gateway

  • Merchant Name.
  • Transaction amount.
  • Service tax (if any).
  • Bank charges (if any).

For certain gateways you may have to enter some additional information like:

  • Your mobile number.
  • Customer MMID aka Mobile Money Identification Number. MMID is a 7 digit number of which the first 4 digits are the unique identification number of the bank offering IMPS (Immediate Payment Service). You can read more about IMPS here and you may want to contact your bank if you’d like to pay using IMPS facility.
  • OTP (One time Password) which is generally sent by the bank to your registered mobile number in order to approve a particular transaction online.

Important note: Payment gateways may charge you additional convenience fee, service tax and cess on the total amount of your premium.

convenience fee service tax

Click on Submit/I agree button on the payment’s gateway page and if your transaction is approved by the bank then you will get your premium receipt. You can also get your premium receipts by going to View Pay Premium Online – Receipts OR Consolidated Premium Paid Statement OR Premium Paid Statement under Customer Services in your dashboard.

premium paid tax certificate

Your dashboard also allows you to download your Premium Paid Certificate or Tax Certificate as shown in above screenshot.

End notes:

  • If you have any query or need more information then you need to contact LIC of India, not us.
  • A digitally signed receipt is always mailed to your registered email id after a successful payment.
  • International cards are not accepted in any case for premium payment.
  • You will also receive SMS confirmation from LIC if the payment is successful. If you haven’t added your mobile number to your profile, then click on Update Profile hyperlink present in the right sidebar and enter your missing personal information.