There are tons of sites on the internet which are uploading content specifically to following file hosts and if you’d like download content off these sites then, in most cases, you will have to buy a premium account with them.

  • 180Upload, 1Fichier, 2Shared, Depositfiles, Easybytez, Extmatrix.
  •,, Filefactory, Filepost,, Filesflash.
  • Filesmonster, FileSpace, Filetut, Gigasize,, Hugefiles, Inclouddrive.
  •,, Lafiles,, Mediafire,
  •, 4Shared,, Bytewhale, Clicknupload, Datafile, Depfile.
  •, Megashares, Mixturecloud, Nitroflare, Novafile,
  • Oboom,,,, Salefiles,,
  •, Uploading,,, Uptobox, Userscloud, Wushare.
  •, Sendspace, Speedyshare, Subyshare, Tezfiles,,
  • Unibytes, Uplea, Yunfile, Zippyshare, and Ex-load.

Note: Some of the above mentioned sites may allow you to download content off their servers as a free user, but the download speed will be very slow.

There are some free premium link generator (or debrid or leech) services available on the internet that allows you to download files from most of the above mentioned file hosts, but almost all of them has a limited bandwidth for all users to work with. As soon as they run out of bandwidth for a particular file host, they start showing error messages or force everyone to buy their premium package. So what’s the solution to this problem?

As of now there’s NO free solution to this problem, but there’s definitely a cheap one known as (aka Rapid8 or This website allows you to transload premium files from the server of all the above mentioned file sharing sites to your grab8 premium account.

While writing this post a 30 days grab8 premium account is going to cost you $7.99 and a single account allows you to download files from all the above mentioned file hosts. You can pay them by using your PayPal account or Bitcoin. You can also purchase your account from a reseller of grab8, however keep in mind that resellers may charge you a bit more.

Follow these steps in order to download content from premium account only file hosts using grab8:

1. First of all try to create a new account on grab8. Signups randomly opens for few hours everyday, so you may want to visit the website multiple times a day. If you are able to create an account on grab8, the service will immediately ask you to upgrade your free account to a premium one.

Once you have made your payment, you need to wait for few hours for your account to get activated. As per my best knowledge the activation process is manual, so have patience.

2. As soon as your account gets activated, you are required to go to your premium download page whose URL looks something like following:


3. Head over to your premium download page and login once again using the same credentials that you entered on the homepage of the service. If your login is successful, the service will ask you to enter the file URL that you want to transload:


4. Enter the URL in the Link to Transload field and click on Transload file button. Your file will instantly start transloading to your premium account with full speed:

transload complete

5. Once the file has been fully downloaded onto your server’s hard drive, you will be able to find your file under My files tab:

my files

Just click on the file and it should start downloading instantly onto your computer’s hard drive either by using your browser’s inbuilt download manager or by using a third-party download manager software installed on your computer.

Apart from downloading file(s) onto your computer’s hard drive you can also perform following tasks with the download file(s) in your grab8 account:


  • Upload file to your Dropbox account: If you’d like to transfer a file from your grab8 premium account to your Dropbox account then make use of this option. When you click on this option the service will ask you to authorize grab8 with your Dropbox account. Once you have authorized the service, the file will get transferred to your Dropbox account at full speed.
  • FTP File: If you’d like to transfer a particular file from your grab8 account to some other server using File Transfer Protocol (FTP), then make use of this option. When you select this option, it allows you to enter the host name (address of the server to which you want to transfer the file), port number, username, password and directory address of the other server. After a transfer is successfully completed, the service also gives you an additional option to automatically delete the source file from your account. Keep in mind that this type of transfer may not be secure because it’s a plain FTP file transfer.
  • Email and Mass email: If you click on these options then the service allows you to transfer the downloaded file to someone else via email.
  • Split files: This option allows you to split a single large file into many smaller file pieces. Suppose you have downloaded a 100 MB file in your account, then using this option you can split this file into 10 smaller pieces of size 10 MB each. Keep in mind that the file extension of these smaller pieces will be either in .crc (Cyclical Redundancy Check checksum file) or .001 (HJSplit file) format.
  • Merge files: This option allows you to merge multiple .crc or .001 files into one.
  • MD5 Hash and MD5 Change: These options allows you to view as well as change the MD5 hash of a particular file.
  • Pack, Zip and RAR files: These options allows you to compress file(s) into .rar, .zip .tar, .tar.gz and extensions.
  • Unzip and Unrar files: These options allows you to extract compressed .rar, .zip, .tar, .tar.gz and files.
  • Delete: This option will permanently delete selected file(s) from your account as well as the server. The deleted file can’t be recovered, unless you download it once again.
  • List links: This option will list direct download links for selected file(s) in your account. You can make use of these listed links to bulk download files onto your computer’s hard drive using a download manager.

Download or Leech Torrent files

Grab8’s premium account also allows you to download torrent files in your account. However keep in mind that the service only allows you to leech files, it doesn’t allow you to seed the downloading/downloaded file like a seed box. Using this service I tried downloading Ubuntu OS via BitTorrent Protocol and the download was completed within a few minutes.

For downloading a torrent file all you need to do is to follow these steps:

1. Go to Torrent Leech tab in your account and then either enter a torrent/magnet URL in the provided field OR simply upload a .torrent file from your computer’s hard drive. Once done click on Add file now button and the file will instantly start downloading. You can also opt for email notification when your file download is 100% complete:

torrent leech

When a file is downloading you will be able to see following details about that particular file:

  • Name of the file or torrent that you are downloading.
  • Size of the whole torrent.
  • Status which can be either downloading or downloaded/completed.
  • Percentage completion.
  • Total number of seeders and peers.
  • Download speed.
  • Expiry date – On this date and time, the downloaded file from your account will get automatically deleted.

Once a torrent file has been successfully downloaded, you can find all the files of that particular torrent under My files section in your account.

Important Note:

  • Your download speed may depend on total number of seeders for a particular torrent file.
  • You may not be able to download content from private torrent sites using this service because these type of leech services and seed boxes are generally banned in their system.
  • If you have any query or problem then contact the service directly, not us.