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Install WordPress on HostGator cPanel using Quick Install

Quick Install is an in-house script developed by HostGator, which can be used to install web software like WordPress, phpBB, bbPress, Joomla, Drupal, Magento, Zen Cart etc. The auto-installer’s CMS installation is very fast and efficient when compared to Fantastico.


Following video tutorial shows How to Install WordPress in cPanel using Quick Install?:


1. Look for QuickInstall icon under Software/Services in your cPanel and click on it:

quick install hostgator

2. On the immediate next page, look for WordPress under Blog Software:

quick install wordpress

3. You will now see following details in App Installation Screen:

quick install wordpress installation details

  • Version Number: WordPress version that the auto-installer will install.
  • Installation Size: Total size of the Package.

4. Click on Continue Button and you are required to fill in following details:

install wordpress using quick install

a) Application URL (where you will find the app in your browser): Select the domain name or sub-domain from the drop down menu on which you want to install WordPress. If you want to install the CMS in a sub-directory, then you need to enter the name of sub-directory just after the domain name.

b) Enable Auto Upgrades: As per my best opinion, it’s recommended to uncheck this option, as it may break your whole site like Widgets, Themes and Plugins settings. You can always install updates from within WordPress Dashboard.

c) Admin Email: Enter the Email Address which you want to use with your blog’s Administrator account.

d) Blog Title: Enter the name of your blog in this field. You can always change it from General Settings.

e) Admin User: Enter your desired Administrator Username. You can enter anything here, except admin, because of security issues!

f) First Name and Last Name: Enter Admin’s First and Last Name in these fields.

Once you have entered all the details, click on the Install Now! Button. If the installation is successful, you will see following confirmation message in your web browser:

wordpress installation successful

Important Notes:

  • At the time of installation, chances are very high that the WordPress version available with QI is outdated. But, you can still use the auto-installer for installation and then immediately update the CMS from within dashboard.
  • The Drop Down Menu will show you a list of all Domain Names and Sub-Domains, only if they are added or created in your account. Else, you will only see your primary domain, that you used for signing up.
  • When using an auto-installer, it is highly recommended to use an Email Address hosted with popular services like Gmail, Yahoo, Outlook etc. Using self-hosted Email address like from Google Apps, Windows Live for Domain or cPanel is not recommended, because if your web hosting server goes down, then all your Email Accounts will be down too!
  • Quick Install is specifically meant for customers who are using HostGator’s Web Hosting Services. If you are using their Shared or Reseller plans, then it is available in your account by default. But, if you are using their VPS or Dedicated Server, then you need to open a support ticket and request an installation of Auto-Installer.

Feel Free to Comment below or on the YouTube Video Page, in case you have any doubt or problem with the installation.