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Create Extra Strong Password with Text Flipping

I was stumbling around the web and found a really helpful website which allows you to flip your text in many different ways. The technique of text flipping can be used not only to post funny messages on various social sites, but it can also be used to create EXTRA strong password for your email or bank accounts! Lets check out in this post how to flip your text in order to create a extra strong password for your important online and offline accounts?

UPDATE: The below mentioned site is not flipping texts properly as of now. For flipping text specifically, you should check out 2 more sites viz. and

For flipping text in many different ways head over to – The site allows you to do following things with your text:

  • Reverse text: This function will reverse the entire text string. Example: Using this function the text string of DailyTechTuts will get reversed to stuThceTyliaD.
  • Flip Text: This function will reverse each line of text much like flipping over a page. Example: DailyTechTuts will get flipped to sʇnʇɥɔǝʇʎlıɐp.
  • Reverse word: This function will reverse the entire word order without reversing the word lettering. Example: Words of this text string Hello My Name is Mrinmay Bhattacharjee will get reversed to Bhattacharjee Mrinmay is Name My Hello.
  • Flip Words: This function will reverse the word order of each line much like flipping over a page.
  • Reverse Each Word’s Letters: This function will reverse each word’s lettering without changing the word order or punctuation. Example: Hello My Name is Mrinmay Bhattacharjee will become Olleh Ym Eman si Yamnirm Eejrahcattahb.
  • Flip Upside Down: This will create the illusion of an upside down page/text via string reversal and character substitution. Example: Hello My Name is Mrinmay Bhattacharjee will become ǝǝɾɹɐɥɔɐʇʇɐɥq ʎɐɯuıɹɯ sı ǝɯɐu ʎɯ oןןǝɥ.

Downside of Text Flipping:

1. Capitalization of Characters (M,A,F, B, C, D, E, …, X, Y and Z) will always result in Flipped Text in Lower Case.

2. You can’t flip numbers (1,2,3…) with this technique because if you try to flip them then you will get your result as follows:

1234567890 will result in 0987654321

3. Regarding special characters (~,!,@,…), you can’t flip them all, but you can flip some. See Example Below:

~!@#$%^&*()_+{}|:”;'[]<>?/., will result in ‘˙/¿<>[],;”:|{}+‾()*&^%$#@¡~

No Doubt text flipping technique will create very strong passwords for you, but whenever you want to login to your account, for which you have opted for flipped text as its password, you will have to go to above mentioned websites everytime for flipping the text.

Note: If you do almost everything like banking, checking emails etc. on your Android powered mobile device then you may want to download certain applications from Play Store that allows you to flip your text instantly.