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How to Enlarge & Download Instagram Photos?

Just like Facebook, Twitter and Google+, it’s very easy to enlarge and download Instagram photos onto your computer’s hard drive. Follow these steps in order to do so:

Note: Using below mentioned technique you will be able to download certain images in their original size (resolution in which the uploader originally uploaded the image from his/her mobile device).

1. Suppose you want to download THIS PHOTO from Instagram account of India’s Prime Minister Shri. Narendra Modi. In order to accomplish this task you need to right click on the image and then click on Inspect (CTRL + Shift + I):


inspect element

2. When you click on Inspect, a new Inspect Element Tool will open on your screen within the same tab/window. In this tool you need to head over to Sources tab and then look for the image that you want to download in various folders:


3. Once you are able to locate the image, right click on the image that is displayed within the inspect element tool and then click on Copy Image URL:

copy image url

4. When the image URL has been successfully copied to your clipboard, open a new tab/window and paste the URL in it. The Instagram image URL will look something like following URL and the dimension of the image will be 750×676:

Now have you noticed the s750x750 part in above URL? This is the part which when removed enlarges your image almost instantly. Click here to see the tweak into action – When s750x750 is removed from the URL, the resolution of the image becomes 817×737!

Important notes:

  • If you try to enter any other value for sXYZxABC, then you will immediately get a 5xx server error from Instagram.
  • The re-size value part i.e. sXYZxABC may not be present for all images. If it’s not present for a particular image then you won’t be able to further enlarge it [Example – Taken from my own account].
  • Keep in mind that you should always respect the privacy of other people’s online account.

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