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BOINC: Use Idle Time of your Computer for Research Purpose

Do you know that you can use the idle time of your computer for various ongoing Research Purposes? These Researches includes Curing of diseases, Study of Global Warming, Discovery of Pulsars etc.

If you are using a computer with Windows, MAC or Linux Operating System installed, then BOINC allows you to contribute your computer’s hardware resources for various research and computational purposes!

BOINC (Berkeley Open Infrastructure for Network Computing, developed by University of California, Berkeley) is an open-source software platform for computing using volunteered resources and can be considered as the best example of Grid Computing.

If you are interested in contributing, then all you need to do is to download the software >> Choose your own Project >> Enter your Preferred Username and Email Address (after BOINC gets installed and after you add a Project to it) >> It’s All Done!

While writing this Post, there are total 241,200 active volunteers who are using the software, with 404,132 computers attached and being utilized for various Projects. The 24-hour average of performance of all attached computers is 7.066 PetaFLOPS –  Just like a  Supercomputer performance!

boinc stats

If your Computer Hardware is too old, even then you can make use of this software, but the computational processes might be slower! In case, your computer has a powerful GPU, then the computational processes will be very fast.

Installation of BOINC and adding Projects to it goes very smoothly, but in case you are experiencing some problems like High CPU Usage, Unable to add Project etc. than you can make use of the User Manual and Message Boards (Forums).

Conclusion: If your system remains Idle most of the time and you want to contribute your hardware resources for a good cause, then make use of BOINC.