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Protect Computer from Malware by Browser Sandboxing

A Web Browser is perhaps the most essential component of your whole web surfing experience, but Scumware (a generalized term that encompasses spyware, adware, annoyware, malware and unwanted cookies) can affect and alter its whole functionality! Once scumware enters your PC, it makes your system behave strangely and thus puts your data and security at risk.

Following are some of the effects of Scumware:

  • Your search Results will be fully altered and you may get automatically redirected to NSFW, warez and hoax websites.
  • You will get unwanted and NSFW Pop-Ups.
  • It resets your browser and add-on settings! You will start experiencing strange behavior from your web browser!

In order to protect your computer from scumware, you can make use of Browser Sandboxing technique.



Sandboxie allows you to run your web browser (and certain other programs) in an isolated space, so that they can’t make any permanent change to other programs and data present in your computer:


In the above animated Image:

  • Red arrows depicts the changes flowing from a running program into the computer.
  • Box labeled as Hard disk (no sandbox) depicts changes made by a program running without Sandboxie.
  • Box labeled as Hard disk (with sandbox) depicts changes made by a program running under Sandboxie.

Sandboxie is capable of intercepting the changes made by your web browser and isolates them within a sandbox (yellow rectangle). Moreover, the program can group all of these changes together, which makes it easy to remove all of them at once!

browser sandboxing

Some of the noteworthy features of Sandboxie are as follows:

  • Secures your Web Browsing by trapping any malicious software, which has been downloaded by the browser. Using the software, you can always delete the malware later.
  • Provides better privacy, as the browsing history, cached temporary files and cookies, that are collected during your web session, stays within the sandbox and couldn’t get into any other part (directory) of Windows OS.
  • Secures your E-mails by not allowing any malware hidden in them to break the sandbox and infect your system.

With this utility, you will get the best possible protection for your web browser and Operating System. You can download Sandboxie from here and read more about its functionality here.