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India Economic Geography: Geography OLD NCERT for Class 10

If you are looking to download Geography OLD NCERT Textbook for Class 10 i.e. India Economic Geography for your UPSC (Union Public Service Commission) or State-PSC exam preparations, then you have come to the right place. The file that you are going to download is in PDF format and will open with any version of Adobe Reader or Foxit Reader.

The contents of the book are as follows:

Note: Each bullet point below represents a chapter.

india economic geography

Unit 1: Physical setting

  • Physical features.
  • Climate.

Unit 2: Our Natural Resource Base

  • The flora, fauna and the soils.
  • Land use and water resources.
  • Mineral and Power Resources.

Unit 3: Agriculture and Industry

  • Agriculture.
  • Industries.

Unit 4: Trade, Transport and Communications

  • Trade, Transport and Communications.

Unit 5: Nurturing our Human Resources

  • Human Resources.

Download all Units/Chapters using following download link.

Download Geography OLD NCERT Textbook for Class 10

Important Note:

  • Since this is an old NCERT book, data contained in it may be outdated.
  • Above compressed file is completely safe to download. If Google Drive gives you a message saying “Google Drive can’t scan this file for viruses.<Filename> (<File size>) exceeds the maximum size that Google can scan. Would you still like to download this file?”, then you should click onDownload anyway button present just below the message.
  • Use Winrar to extract above compressed file.